July 25, 2010

Farrow Names a Leader

Coming out of his sophomore year, with almost 1,400 yards and 16 touchdowns to his name, Kenneth Farrow was already considered one of the hottest prospects in the state of Texas. One year and an injury plagued season later, Farrow has fallen victim to a running back class in the state of Texas that is headlined by the likes of Malcolm Brown, the No. 1 nationally ranked back in the country, Aaron Green, the No. 10 back in the same rankings, and Brandon Williams, the 38th nationally ranked player in the country as an athlete.

Down but not out, Kenneth Farrow knows that if it wasn't for his junior year troubles, he would be ranked right alongside his Texas brethren. The difference with him and many other players in his position nationwide, though, is that he plans on doing something about it.

"Our six month period where we could work out with our coaches has ended, so now it's on us," Farrow said. "Now the team has taken it on themselves to keep the workouts going. Each group has a leader that puts them through their position's drills. I'm in charge of the running backs."

Now, such a practice is more common than not in the high school ranks, at least at the competitive 5A football level where some large Texas high schools have programs so large and intense that they could almost compete at the Division IAA level. Farrow, on the other hand, even takes it a step further.

"It started out with just me and my center," Farrow said. "As soon as organized practice ended a month ago, we started running bleachers by ourselves every other day. Now it's a lot of people that come out, but I at least make sure my offensive line is there with me. We try to get in as much conditioning as we can to get ready for our senior year."

Going into the 2009 season, Farrow was pri...

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