January 24, 2011

Andrews gives his take

Although he was among those players taking an official visit to Georgia this past weekend, David Andrews admits he kept a close eye on high-profile targets Johnathan Jenkins and Isaiah Crowell.

Jenkins, the 6-foot-4, 340-pound nose tackle from Perkinston (Miss.) Gulf Coast Community College and Crowell - one of the country's top running backs - were both in Athens over the weekend as Georgia coaches try to put the finishing touches on the Bulldogs' 2011 class.

"Jenkins loved his trip. I saw him a lot and he always had a smile o his face," Andrews said. "We took the bus back and forth going places and he was always sitting back there talking with us. He was happy and joking around."

From what he could tell, Crowell enjoyed his trip, too.

"Isaiah is a little shy but Coach (Bryan) McClendon and his (Crowell's) whole family were there, it was great so I don't think it puts too much stress on him," Andrews said. "He's been to Georgia before. He had Quintavious Harrow there, some cousins, best friends so I think that made it a little more comfortable."

A center from Wesleyan, Andrews was part of the contingent that attended Saturday's basketball game between the Bulldogs and Mississippi State.

Twice during the contest, Georgia students began chanting for both Crowell and Jenkins.

"Isaiah was just smiling. They first started chanting his name in the student section and all of a sudden we started hearing more from behind us and looked around," Andrews said. "Isaiah was sitting right in front of me and Watts (Dantzler) and there was about 15 or 20 people with signs up there, screaming his name. "That's got to be special. He's a real humble guy; he doesn't act like he's a top recruit, but you know that means something to him."

Although Andrews said he was there to offer any kind of support he could, he and the rest of Georgia's commitments didn't try to push Crowell, Jenkins and the rest of the undecided recruits too far.

"You're recruiting always, no matter what, but you've got to find that balance to where you're not putting pressure on a kid because I know it gets old," Andrews said. "You go to all these schools and getting swamped from people trying to get them to come there. You reach out to them as a friend and stuff. You're always recruiting, but there's different ways."

Although much of the focus was on the undecided recruits, Andrews said coaches didn't forget the commitments that were also there.

"Coach (Mark) Richt sat and met with each individual recruit so we all got to spend time with him. Some people met Saturday, some people met Sunday but they know we (the commitments) are solid. They hung out with us and stuff, but you've got to understand they're trying to recruit other players, too, so that's what they're going to try to do."

Andrews said he spoke with Richt about his search for a new offensive line coach after Stacy Searels left for Texas last week.

Many have wondered whether Richt would have a new offensive line coach in place by Signing Day. But according to Andrews, Richt is going to take his time.

"Coach Richt talked to us about it and he just wanted us to know that he's not going to rush to make a decision, which I think is the best thing. We all have complete trust in him," Andrews said. "We're (the commitments) going to Georgia because it's Georgia, but we also go to Georgia because Coach Richt is there and we have that trust in him. We know that whatever he does is going to be right and lead us in the right direction."

In the meantime, Andrews said grad assistant and former Bulldog center Nick Jones is helping Richt recruit offensive linemen still on the board like Antoine Richardson and Taylor Gadbois.

Nick was the last center before Ben Jones," Andrews said. "I also know Russ Tanner. He and I are good friends. I hope it goes Russ Tanner, Nick Jones, Ben Jones and me."

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