November 11, 2011

Changes for GMC duo

It was only a few weeks ago that low-key rumblings regarding the eligibility of Georgia commitments and targets at Georgia Military College. It has now been made offical that two of the three UGA targets would definitely not be at the junior college in the new year.

Lonnie Outlaw was a Bulldog commit, and was supposed to come in as a receiver with the 2012 class. Shannon Brown, a former Alabama commit and big time UGA outside linebacker target, enrolled at GMC early with the mindset he could fast track his way into fall admittance with the 2012 class as well. As it turns out, neither will being doing just that.

Outlaw cited class credits as the reason he would not be able to transfer to Athens in January. Though Outlaw said he had an idea of his academic situation earlier on, it wasn't until more recently that it really sunk in.

"It was about, like, midseason of this year. At first I thought I was going to get it straight, but then my Dad said I was going to have to go and take those classes, that I can't transfer to a D-1 college unless I take all the classes. And I'm not trying to stay at GMC no longer, so I'll just go to another school," Outlaw said. "I have to take like two or three more classes to go to D1, to go to the SEC, and I haven't taken those classes yet, and I'm not trying to take them here because I'm trying to get out of this school, I'm trying to leave as soon as possible."

The Rochelle native said the realization that he wasn't going to get to be a Dawg was a bit tough because he didn't want to let anyone down, but he also said it would not affect his relationship with his friends in the program.

"I was just, a little disappointed in myself. My mom and people, they were always just keep telling me to just keep striving to the best that you can, and, you know, I'm not going to worry about it too much, but I will for a little bit," Outlaw said. " I was supposed to be going (to Athens) the 19th to watch (Georgia) play Kentucky, but I don't know yet because people are trying to set up official visits and stuff. So I don't know if I'm on track to make it, but I know I'm still going to go up there, talk to the players and stuff. I'm always going to be their friend."

While those friends on the Bulldog roster will no longer be his teammates, Outlaw also answered questions about another UGA connection he will no longer be teammates with in Brown.

"Shannon has transferred, I don't know what he transferred into but he said he was transferring," Outlaw said. "Well actually, I haven't talked to him lately. He was talking about transferring, but I haven't talked to him lately. During the season, he was saying he didn't like the way the school was ran, so he didn't know if he was going to be able to take it for another year, so I don't know."

It has been rumored that GMC coach Bert Williams asserted that Brown was dismissed from the team, but has not directly heard from the coaching staff or Brown to confirm the exact circumstances of the departure.

Outlaw also offered that he was under the impression that UGA commit Jalen Fields was "going to try and stick it out" at GMC, but he added he didn't know it for a fact.

As for the 6-foot-7, 205-pound lanky receiver's future in football and schooling, Outlaw said he has 10 to 12 Division 2 offers right now, and is looking to make the transfer out of GMC by January.

He said those programs had started really reaching out about one to two weeks ago, and after this weekend's game in North Carolina, he will be pressed to start narrowing down and taking trips to find the right school for him.

"I haven't taken any officials yet, but there are a lot of people trying to set them up right now. They just started talking to me about official visits and stuff," Outlaw said. "I'm not trying to go too far, because of my family or whatever. But it just depends on how far it is and how good the school and how good the coaches is."

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