February 17, 2012

Brown discusses offer

There are many different roads to reach the promised land of college football, but none are east.

Georgia Military College offensive tackle Trenton Brown has made tough decisions, put in hard work, and built strong relationships to get where he is now, and it appears that it has all paid off.

Brown received his first official offer today, and it was from the defending SEC East champions.

"I came into the athletic facility today, and one of my coaches just said 'Congratulations,'" said Brown. "I didn't know what for, but he told me that UGA had offered me, so I went in and talked with Coach (Joe) Windon, and he told me that Coach Will Friend had called to offer me a scholarship."

Brown may not have gotten the news directly from the Georgia offensive line coach, but the two are very familiar with each other at this point.

"I've known Coach (Mike) Bobo and Coach Friend since I was a freshman in high school," said Brown. "They were both recruiting me then, and they are really good guys. I know them well, and they are great coaches. I know guys up at Georgia that play for Coach Friend and they talk about how great of a coach he is."

With UGA being Brown's offer, there will always be a special feeling present for the Bulldogs, but when they offered wouldn't have mattered anyway because the JUCO lineman and his family already know how they feel about Georgia.

"I've always been kind of high on Georgia," said Brown. "I like Georgia, my family likes Georgia, and Coach Windon likes Georgia. It's a good school, and it would probably be a good fit for me. I'm going to wait out the process and see what other offers I get."

The path to the JUCO level can sometimes be a rocky one, but the 6-foot-8, 335-pound tackle considers himself fortunate to be able to play at GMC and has learned to thrive in military environment.

"It's had a big impact on me," he said. "The military aspect has helped me become more responsible. The coaches are great guys and they just push us all to the limit. They make sure no one slacks off. With me coming in as a freshman and starting, I had to get on my feet fast and learn how to play college football."

As for the reason he had to attend GMC in the first place, Brown is not at all shy about the circumstances that led up to his move to Milledgeville.

"I wasn't going to qualify, and just felt like GMC was the best fit for me," said Brown. "It's close to home so they could come see me, and when I signed there I promised them that I wouldn't make the same mistake twice with grades. So far, it is looking good for me."

Brown, who is on track to graduate in December, has been described by his coaches as a player with NFL type talent, and plays with a workman's attitude on the offensive line.

"My mentality is to do whatever it takes to keep the defense from making plays," said Brown. "I will do whatever I have to do to keep them out of the backfield and keep them from making plays against us."

Most other recruits have 11 months to make a decision, but since Brown plans to enroll in January, he doesn't have quite as long.

Despite having a little less time, the GMC lineman really has no idea what the future holds in regards to a commitment.

"I really don't know right now," said Brown. "This is new, so I'm just not sure when I'll commit."

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