March 25, 2012

Class of 2012 Getting Army Ready - Part III

Very soon, the Black Knights will welcome their newest additions when the incoming class of 2012 makes its way onto campus in July 2nd. Palisades Park (N.J.) 3-star prospect Elijah St. Hilaire
won't have far to go when that much-anticipated time finally arrives.

But the advantage that St. Hilaire has over his incoming frosh teammates is his close proximity to the West Point campus.

"I was able to make one spring practice and it was pretty interesting," he declares. "That day I learned a lot. I was walking around with Coach Waugh and the slot backs and I was watching them a lot. I also spoke to Coach Ellerson's son, Andrew because he's a wide receiver, so I was getting a feel of how practices were. I've been to college practices before, but to see what I'm going to be playing hopefully in the next year ... it's a big step."

"That's why I wanted to take of advantage of the opportunity of living so close and check out practice."

For the 180 pound St. Hilaire, he hopes to see the benefits of his pre-college entrance workouts, where he has not been no stranger to a solid speed, strength & conditioning regime.

"I've been doing a lot of training," says the Garden State native, who shared that he is preparing with the possibility of being looked at for two positions. "I'm not sure 100% where Coach Ellerson is going to have me, not sure if it's slot back or wide receiver, so I'm training for both. So I have to do two things to prepare for that."

"I'm doing a lot of speed, conditioning because it's going to be a whole different ball game going into college. So again, a lot of condition and a lot of speed training."

St. Hilaire has solid grasp that no matter what position he ends up playing, both roles demand for him to be able endure the physicality of the responsibilities that go along with each. "Since I will be coming out of the backfield or receiver trying catch the ball, as well as a lot of blocking and although I'm only 5'10", I still need to do a lot blocking no matter where I end up playing at the next level and taking on those bigger guys."

St. Hilaire says the majority of his workouts are taking place at ETS Fitness in Teterborough, New Jersey under the direction of strength & sports training specialist, EJ Barhtel.

In addition to connecting the Army's practices, St. Hilaire took the social network initiative, and as such, the class of 2012 has formalized their own means of bounding. "I started a group on Facebook for all of us (Class of 2012) and it's been pretty evenly distributed when it comes to the players coming in," adds St. Hilaire, who declares that the venue has been a fun icebreaker for many of the players. "There are so many things that we talk about. Even about the Army hats that many of us bought and we talk about what's happening on, which is very cool."

"We talk about how we are as a class and not separating each other .... meaning those who are going in direct versus prep, we are all one class, which is the class of 2012."

The 3-star prospect out of Palisades High School, says that the staff has done a great job in keeping he and his future teammates in the loop and they know that the time is right around the corner.

"I keep in touch with Coach Waugh, but I think he's on vacation now," says St. Hilaire. "But I spoke to him last week about my visit to the practice. They also sent us our workout plan, so I have just been getting everything in order so come July 2nd I will be ready to go."

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