June 5, 2012

Sooners Serious About ASU Commit

When Mesquite (Texas) West Mesquite takes the field this fall they'll be doing so with numerous FBS prospects in tow. With Eldridge Massington committed to USC and Kameron Miles committed to Tennessee the vast majority of notoriety and attention goes to the two long-time well known recruits, however they are far from the only names to know on the West Mesquite roster.

Another Wrangler prospect who you don't hear about as much but is another key part of the talented West Mesquite squad is Dimarya Mixon, 6-foot-3 and 265-pound three-star defensive end prospect. Mixon committed to Arizona State earlier this month on May 5 while also holding offers from programs like Colorado, Illinois, Mississippi, Purdue and Washington State.

"I just really liked the facilities and academics wise. I talked it over with my parents and I really had a good connection with the coaches I think so that led to me committing," Mixon explained.

Oklahoma was a school that Mixon did have interest in but an offer had not been made leading up to his commitment to the Sun Devils. Just a few weeks after however, Mixon picked up a Sooner offer from defensive coordinator, Mike Stoops.

"My coach had told me because the day before the spring game I talked to Mike Stoops and he was telling me that he wanted to get me down (to Norman) and everything. And he had told my coach (about the offer)," he said.

Along with picking up an Oklahoma offer, Mixon also recently received an offer from West Virginia and says Texas A&M has been showing him increased interest as well. With more and more offers coming through the door and the fact that more could be on the way it is giving Mixon a lot to think about.

"I thought it was overall a pretty big offer," he replied about the Oklahoma offer. "There is a lot to think about with all these other offers coming through."

The Sooners success of sending defensive lineman to the NFL has stuck out to Mixon which is a key aspect in his interest in the Crimson and Cream.

"Over the past years Oklahoma has been putting out a lot of defensive lineman so overall there is a lot of interest just from knowing that," Mixon stated.

One of the coaches who had a hand in that success was defensive tackles coach, Jackie Shipp, who Mixon has also had the chance to talk with along with Stoops throughout the process.

"They seem like some pretty cool guys and I will really figure out about them once I get around them more," he said.

Mixon was unable to attend Oklahoma's camp over the weekend due to the fact that he was taking his SAT. Holding an offer already means Mixon didn't need to attend but that doesn't mean he hasn't attended before.

"Last summer I went to one of their padded camps," he started. "It was a pretty nice campus. They showed us around to the dorms and stadium wise. I met a couple of the players also so it was pretty nice overall."

Mixon may return to Norman in the upcoming months but right now is just focused on finishing his junior year first.

"Maybe during the summer time but as of right now I'm not sure," said Mixon.

The academic side at the college level out weighs the football side of things for Mixon.

"When it comes to my family it's really important on academics. It's really good to have a good football team too but with my parents the focus is on grades right now," he said.

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