July 12, 2012

Glass speaks out

For 2014 Georgia commitment Nick Glass, apparently enough was enough.

Tired of the speculation which arose on Twitter that he, along with Tray Matthews and Shaquille Wiggins - like their good friend Reuben Foster - might flip to Auburn, Glass took matters into his own hands, or fingers, as the case may be.

"It was annoying that the Alabama and Auburn fans were thinking that," said Glass, who went on Twitter declaring his allegiance for the Bulldogs and dismissing the notion that he would ever consider straying from his commitment.

"I've been a Georgia fan all my life and I like the way Coach (Rodney) Garner and Coach (Mark) Richt explain it - it's like you're married and you don't want your wife to be 50 percent married to you," he said. "You need to be all-in, just like you're supposed to be in a relationship. I take it (his commitment) the same way."

But Glass also had a word of warning for recruits as pertains to what they put out on social media.

"I just think the players need to be more serious about what they put out because it looks like you're giving yourself a bad rap," Glass said. "Like with Auburn, they were like making me think I may have to flip to them just because somebody else is going there. I don't believe you should commit if you're going to let somebody else determine your decision."

Glass wasn't the only Bulldog commit who took to Twitter to voice his opinions. Linebacker Ryne Rankin - a 2013 commit - did as well.

"Like I said (on Twitter), we're going to play with them or without them so you've just got to look past things like that if someone else would want to de-commit from Georgia," Rankin said. "I'm sure there will definitely be people to fill their spots. Heck, I'd rather have an underrated kid that plays and works with a chip on his shoulder, because he will never get the idea in his head that he is the best, you know?"

As for Matthews and Wiggins, could Glass see his two buddies go to Auburn as well?

"I don't think so. You can tell. I talked to Tray after his Auburn visit. He liked it a lot, but he was like it was like a mini version of Georgia and why would you want to go to a mini version of Georgia when you can go to the real thing? I don't think he will," said Glass, who said he knew Foster was going to Auburn a week after the linebacker enrolled at Auburn High.

"Shaq, he's in love with Athens. He's in Athens every chance he gets, so I believe he will stay," Glass continued. "They just want to take their visits. Recruiting is a once in a lifetime thing. I think they just want to take their visits. I think they're still going to UGA."