November 30, 2012

Martey ahead of schedule

Clifton (Va.) Centreville running back Christian Martey's physical therapist informed him that he is ahead of schedule in his rehab from a torn ACL he sustained in the second quarter of the 2012 season opener.

"Right now I'm about almost two months post-op after surgery, and I'm gotten my leg completely straight," Martey said. "I have regular extension, range of motion back. I started squatting [about two weeks ago] not too much weight of course, but just enough so I can work on strengthening that leg again. I'm progressing pretty well, so I'm happy about that. The graph is healing really well in my leg, so I'm happy my body accepted it."

"When you tear ACL they still have certain dates the way you're allowed to do stuff, so even if I am ahead schedule he wouldn't allow me to sprint until after three months. Even though my physical therapist thinks I'm ahead I'm not trying to force anything. I still have some time until April, late March when I start going to camps like VTO, so I'm going to take it easy until I'm able to back into it and hit the camps over the summer and late spring hard."

Martey, a junior in high school, draws motivation encouragement Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, who tore his ACL and MCL last season, but in his return to action he is once again of the top running backs in the NFL.

"That's what I'm trying to be, just come back even faster and stronger than I was before," Martey said. "I feel pretty good. At first when it happened I was like wow, this is something serious, like I hope it won't affect me at all, but right now after the surgery and after all my rehabbing has been almost two months in I feel great. I feel like this thing is going to actually make me stronger."

The 6-feet and 220-pound Commonwealth prospect was invited to the U.S. Army All-American Combine in San Antonio in January, but will not be medically cleared in time to participate.

"I was pretty upset about that," Martey said. "That's why I want to work hard and get back, so I'll be back in time for VTO, because I feel like that will be like my next big step to showing everybody that I'm even better than I was before and gain a little bit of that spotlight back."

"I definitely want to hit the camp circuit hard, because I feel like right now exposure-wise with like with Rivals and all that I'm a little bit under the radar, so I feel like I need to get myself out there more, because I haven't been to one of the VTO camps yet, so I want to make myself as strong as possible and go there and hopefully just ball out."

Martey said some schools have backed off since his injury. However, that is not the case for Auburn, Connecticut, Maryland, NC State, Rutgers, Vanderbilt, Virginia Tech and Wake Forest.

"I've talked to [Vanderbilt's] Coach [LaMar] Morgan and Coach [Chandler] Henley and Coach [Sam] Williams," Martey said. "I talked UConn's Coach [George] DeLeone. I shared my film and he said that they're worrying about the games right now, so after the season is when he and his staff will evaluate it most likely. They all know my situation and everything, but they're fine with it."

"I'm still keeping in contact with Coach [Jonathan] Himebauch of course. I'm still interested in Wake Forest."

He added the Hokies will be coming to his school within the next couple of weeks.
Martey, who was in Winston-Salem Saturday, Sept. 22 to see the Demon Deacons defeat Army 49-37, has been unable to take a return trip due to a busy schedule full of SAT preparation.

"He's [Himebauch] basically asking me about my injury, asks me about how things have been going," Martey said. "He asks me how my team's doing, and he tells me more about the school. We have a good talk every now and then. We talk at least once or twice a week."

"I'm definitely going to check out Wake Forest. That's probably definitely up there in my top three. I want to check out Vanderbilt of course, because I haven't seen they're campus before. I might make it down for Auburn and then NC State and Maryland. Maryland will be up there too. Virginia Tech, I want to camp there too. I plan on making a lot of visits during this off-season, especially in the spring time, and I plan on camping at a lot of places."

The 2014 Virginia product added the coaching changes at Auburn and NC State did not affect and does not think those adjustments will be a big deal in his recruitment.

"I know Auburn had a losing season this year, but I feel like as soon as they decide what new coaching staff they want I feel like they have the recruits and they have the players to dominate be able to dominate the SEC, so I'm not exactly worried about the coaching staff," Martey said. "NC State also, they have the players and the recruiting class to be able to be a good team for the coming year."

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