April 7, 2013

Chubb reflects on visit

MARIETTA - Nick Chubb brought his parents to Athens for Saturday's G-Day game and apparently the Bulldogs made quite an impression on mom.

"She liked it. She says Georgia is her No. 1 right now," Chubb smiled prior to taking part in Sunday's Rivals Camp series at Marietta High. "That's what she says."

Chubb's mom isn't the only one.

"They're in my top four. I like them a lot," Chubb said. "Georgia's easy to get to and that's a good thing."

There's also opportunity.

Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall will both be juniors in 2014, and the Bulldogs will just have A.J. Turman and Brendan Douglas as the only other scholarship backs on campus next fall.

"That's what the coaches keep telling me, not how weak they are but how their depth is now," Chubb said. "Gurley and Marshall will still be there, so I'd have to fight for a position, but that would be fine with me."

According to Chubb, both Bulldog running backs are already making him feel like one of the family.

"I know them real good," said Chubb. "I actually hang out with Keith last night. We went to Chick-fil-A together."

Although they talked about a number of subjects, Chubb's recruitment was a topic of conversation.

"He just gave me some tips," Chubb said. "He told me not to get too attached to any coach because they can leave at any time. That's one of the things that stood out to me."

As for G-Day itself, Chubb was impressed with what he saw.

"It was pretty impressive to see that many people there rooting for them like that," he said. "I think Georgia is going to have a great year. I really hope they do."

As far as any decision goes, Chubb said he doesn't have a specific time in mind, although he will make a choice prior to the start of his senior year.

In the meantime, he's got his eyes wide open.

"I'm just looking for somewhere I can be comfortable at, a place where I like the coaches and the atmosphere that I'm looking for," he said. "It's (the process) has been kind of overwhelming because I wasn't expecting all these phone calls. The whole thing has been kind of crazy, but I'm used to it."

With Stanley Williams' de-commitment, the Bulldogs have room for at least two backs in the 2014 class. Chubb has taken notice of that.

"I knew he was going to de-commit and the coaches already knew. They were telling me he was going to do that," Chubb said. "It plays a big role. He's (Williams) a good athlete."

Chubb admits getting to compete with Gurley and Marshall would also be a plus.

'It would be real hard to compete against them," he said. "They're some real good athletes. But it would be a lot of fun, too."