December 20, 2013

Ndulue: 'Im ready to get after it'

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Regarding the most repugnant question defensive lineman Chuka Ndulue has been asked in the buildup to Oklahoma's date with Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, he had this to say.

"You know I find it annoying when people ask me if I'm afraid. Just shut up. Just no," he said.

In fact, his disposition when it comes to playing the most feared collegiate team in the game today was exactly the kind OU fans enjoy hearing.


"I'm excited. My blood is boiling," Ndulue said. "I'm ready to get after it."

He's ready to get after it.

He's ready to get after the Crimson Tide and its coach, Nick Saban -- a man who's lost fewer games (14) as the headman in Tuscaloosa, Ala., than years OU coach Bob Stoops has been in charge in Norman, Okla. (15).

He's ready to get after prized jewel of the Southeastern Conference.

The SEC has owned the BCS National Championship like other folks own real estate. For last seven years, an SEC football team has won the crystal ball, and, with Auburn playing for the title this season against Florida State, the conference has a team in the title game for the eighth straight year.

SEC fans are proud of that fact. Save their favorite team winning the national championship, SEC fans like nothing better than seeing another SEC team win it.

You've heard the chants of "S-E-C! S-E-C!" raining down from the stands in games where the opposing team deigns to represent another league. You've seen the fanaticism of the S-E-C fan on your television screen.

You've even seen Saban tell you through your TV screen that the team that beat his deserves to play in the national championship game. So, at least for Alabama, there's conference pride at stake. But is conference pride relevant?

"I think that's irrelevant," said senior center Gabe Ikard. "Obviously, the SEC has dominated college football with however many it's been in a row, a national champion coming from there.

"But when it comes down to it, it's two teams playing each other. It comes down to the team that prepares the best and executes the best on January 2 is gonna win the game."

Senior corner back [db]Aaron Colvin believes the same. He, too, acknowledged the power and presence of the SEC in college football, but he's also of a mind to believe the game isn't necessarily about SEC vs. Big 12.

It's about Alabama vs. Oklahoma, and the Sooners have a lot more left to prove this season than the Tide.

"Regardless of what happened throughout the season we're here now, and this is the game that we're in," he said. "We have to go out there and compete, and kind of just show the world what we're about as a team -- as Oklahoma."

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