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An offer you cant refuse

We know a lot of you have signed up specifically for coverage of SoonerScoop.com's national signing day, but we don't want you to miss out on even better coverage in the months to come.
In fact, spring football is just around the corner. That's where we'll get the best look at who will determine whether the Sooners make another run at the national championship in 2006. You'll be able to instantly follow the progress of players from the class of 2006 such as Sherrone Moore, Chad Roark, Joey Halzle and Quintin Carter as SoonerScoop.com brings you daily updates from spring practices starting on March 20th.
The anticipation of spring football begins as soon as signing day ends.
The Sooners' offense will be under the direction of newly named offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson. How will the offense change to blend with the personality of the OU offensive line coach? Adrian Peterson enters the 2006 season as the favorite to win the Heisman Trophy. But can the Sooners put together an offensive line capable of vaulting Peterson back into the national spotlight?
SoonerScoop.com will bring you daily coverage of the offensive line's progress along with news, notes, interviews and feature articles covering every position and player on the team. We'll track depth chart moves, position switches, player development and everything that goes into shaping the 2006 team.
And for recruiting fans, you can't miss the spring evaluation period. This is where the class of 2007 truly forms before our eyes. Sooner coaches will blanket the nation in an attempt to land the next wave of high school superstars. New offers will be going out almost daily, early commitments will start to filter in, and the class of 2007 will be underway immediately.
Trust us, we're not taking a vacation when signing day ends. We're wrapping up the 2006 class with full-blown feature articles, audio updates and we're introducing 2007's top prospects through feature stories, junior video and early rankings. We'll also be tracking the early OU offers and commitments for the class of 2007. In short, our staff will be working harder than ever to keep up with the massive amounts of recruiting information coming out over the next several months.
The electronic media and newspapers only pay attention to national signing day. But Oklahoma's classes take shape over the spring and summer months. And if you walk away from your SoonerScoop.com membership, you're missing out on the biggest part of the recruiting process.
And not only will your SoonerScoop.com membership give you access to great information on spring football and football recruiting, but we'll also start to bump up our coverage of Sooner basketball. We'll take an in-depth look at Kelvin Sampson and Sherri Coale's programs as they make their marches toward the NCAA tournament. Sooner baseball is also just around the corner as Sunny Golloway officially takes the helm as the Sooners' new skipper.
SoonerScoop.com is also making a commitment to providing you with more in-depth coverage of Sooner athletics and high school football, the things you really want to know about. Will OU-Texas survive in Dallas? How are former Sooners looking as the NFL draft approaches?
SoonerScoop.com has the best collection of writers on the web. We won't settle for anything less than breaking every major news story relating to OU athletics. We don't take a backseat to anyone when it comes to giving you the scoop first. But we're also interested in providing you with high quality, well-written and compelling stories about OU athletics. And if you haven't gotten a taste of our weekly 'Sooner Scoop' feature, well, you just don't know how deep the rabbit hole really goes. We give you the most in-depth, inside information possible.
If you're not currently a member of SoonerScoop.com, we encourage you to give us a try through our 7-day free trial. And if you are a member, we appreciate you being a part of the SoonerScoop.com family. And please, feel free to tell a friend or two or twenty about us. More members result in more resources for SoonerScoop.com. So taking an active role in the growth of SoonerScoop.com only benefits our members through more information and in-depth coverage for you.
And if you have signed up solely for the purpose of getting the best signing day coverage on Sooner sports, we don't want you to miss out on all the unbeatable information you are about to receive in the coming months. Stick around and see what you've been missing.
SoonerScoop.com has always been successful in delivering the information traditional media outlets ignore. But as news organizations become more and more enamored with the New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets, OU information gets placed further and further on the backburner at major news outlets. Sooner fans need OU specific outlets such as SoonerScoop.com now more than ever. And we plan to deliver like never before.
Welcome aboard, we hope you'll stick around to see everything you've been missing,
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