Big 12 Media Day: Instant analysis

Sitting here right now in Walt Anderson's officiating press conference. He's going through lots of videos of what is and is not targeting
Players will be ejected this season for targeting along with the 15-yard penalty.
* Anderson keeps reiterating players needing to get their heads down when tackling players.
* Anderson is showing examples where there can be head-to-head contact but how it is not targeting.
* Anderson now going through hits that are legal and illegal.
* Charles Davis basically calling B.S. on one of the videos Anderson is showing as a targeting rule.
* "This game is being attacked and we will either work to change it from within, or let it be changed from the outide." - Walt Anderson on the need for these new rules.
* One of videos is Trey Metoyer getting blown up by a K-State defender. Anderson says it's a perfectly legal hit.
* Anderson says if targeting is called they won't automatically review the play. But he expects each of those situations to be reviewed. All of this in terms of a player being ejected.
* Anderson says they called 17 targeting penalties in the Big 12 last year. He said five would have been overturned.
* Basically players will be thrown out of the game for targeting. Replays could save them from being ejected if the call is not deemed to be targeting.
* Even if replays show the player wasn't guilty of targeting, the penalty won't be overturned. It will still be a 15-yard penalty.
* Bob reiterates he can't spend time with players in the summer to start things off. "Excited the way they've worked here through the summer."
* Bob going over the schedule with West Virginia being an early tough game. Singled that out.
* Bob calls Trey Millard a "great" fullback/h-back/running back.
* Says Aaron Colvin will graduate in December.
* "you're kind of making assumptions if you think he's the guy right now." - Stoops when asked about Blake Bell being the next starting QB.
"We've never been too excited about naming a guy early."
"Blake is a guy that throws the football well. We would never recruit a guy that we didn't feel would be a great passer. He works hard at it, throws a great deep ball. We're excited about the way he throws it too, yes."
* Bob asked if Belldozer would be used with Blake as starter.
"I wouldn't shy away from it. You put Kendal and Trevor back there to run it, you're faster and you have more options. If you hit a crease there less likely to be caught.
"There are times, with the no huddle and you're going quickly - we'll do that too. There could be some of each. I'm not wanting to tip my hand. Blake is a big, sturdy guy but we never want our quarterback to take too many hits."
* Bob asked a question about being motivated to do better. Fail. Next!
* Stoops asked if he would slow down the tempo this year?
"It's something to consider, defintely. How fast you're going, how it's affected the defense. No matter who the quarterback is, there's a lot of experience around the quarterback. Hopefully we can stay on the field and eat some clock. Even if we are going no-huddle sometimes there's opportunity to eat up the clock."
* Stoops asked about all his QBs.
"They're great teammates, they're great workers and they're respected by the other players and their peers. They all exhibit leadership and toughness in different ways. I've been excited to watch them all throw the football. They all run well.
"They all through spring had their uh-oh moments and they have to learn and they have to learn being on the field.
"They're good passers and good athletes so we'll see where it leads with all of them."
* "I think a learning curve to a degree. I think there's always a little bit of that. At the end of the day, there's a coach that you can only control so much. When guys are in position they've got to make them.
"There could be a little bit of that." - Stoops on Mike Stoops' schemes and coming back to the conference.
* "It's obvious we lost five seniors up front. We feel we have good players up there. Those guys have to continue to develop and they're working hard at it. I believe we have a chance to be a good, solid unit up there. It's hard to come out and brag on them when they have to get out there and earn that.
"I believe these guys have a chance to be a good group. Even with the linebacker position, Frank Shannon and Corey Nelson played a bunch and were good players for us."
- Stoops on Defensive line and then linebackers.
* Stoops asked about targeting rule
"Probably. Those are things as we get into our camp, we'll have the officials come in and show us videos and how they're looking at it, what they'd call and what they wouldn't. It's a big one when you think about it. Hopefully they're getting it right because that's a big penalty getting them thrown out of a game. Anything we can do to make the game more controlled or better for the players, we can all live with it. We should always be looking for ways to do that.
* Do you still feel appreciated?
"Yes I do feel appreciated by our fans and our administration. I've never been appreciated by everybody, even in 2000. Anytime you've been somewhere for 15 years, that's going to be the case.
"Yes, my wife is a national sales director and she'll be here. I'm very proud of her. Get your wives into it."
* Stoops now heads to national TV rooms until 12:15 when he gets lunch. Media gets him back at 1:00.