Boyd in Awe of Things in Norman

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Some years Oklahoma's in-state recruiting is a fickle situation with recruits wanting to look around from coast to coast but interestingly the in-state crop of 2013 seems to be largely fond of what the Sooners have to say. Considering the talent of the class that's a nice break for the Sooners and no recruit amongst the in-state prospects seems more set on the idea of playing at Oklahoma than Vian's Rob Boyd.
The 6-foot-4, 285-pound prospect put his name on the scene this summer with a strong performance at Oklahoma's camp in early June. Boyd was at home for the camp but interestingly his trip to see the Sooners take on Missouri last weekend was his first trip to Norman for a Sooner home game.
"It was awesome, I had an awesome time," Boyd said. "I went to the Big 12 championship game last year and watched them but this Oklahoma game it was my first OU home game.

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"I was in awe it was great, it was the first time I've been inside the stadium. It was awesome."
He was far from the only member of his inner circle that was blown away by the atmosphere in Norman.
"I took my mom and my stepdad, we used my three tickets, and then my buddy Rowdy Simon got three tickets, and his dad bought some so we had a big group of people," Boyd explained.
"My teammates, they are my best friends, we all get along, really it was just an awesome time - we were cutting up and having fun.
"Oh my parents they were in awe like I was, they didn't say a whole lot."
Small-town prospects, like Boyd, can sometimes be overwhelmed by the enormity of a gameday in Norman particularly when one considers that the announced attendance for the Missouri game was over 55-times the total population of Vian. However any uncertainty about how he might do in Norman was erased somewhat thanks to his time at Oklahoma.
"I got to meet the whole starting offensive line, I didn't get a chance to talk a lot but I got to meet the entire group. They were talking to me about high school and how they were doing," he said. "Coach Patton just asked me how our team was doing and how we were looking this year - it was pretty comfortable, we didn't get into a lot of details about the future or anything, just talking.
"I was down right by the lineman, I was seeing what they did before the game, they really do a lot of the same stuff we do when they are getting ready. That gave me reassurance that maybe I could do that, I could be there with them in the next few years, it showed me I could do it."
At the game it wasn't just his friends and family from Vian that he spent some time around as he recognized players like Wagoner's T.J. Ponds and Edmond North's Heath Newland. However, there is no doubt that his focus right now is getting Vian back to their familiar place - deep into the 2A playoffs.
"We are playing good, we've had a couple times we came out a little slow, when we are ready to play, we're on. We vibe good with each other, it's more of a family thing than anything, I'm feeling good things and think we're ready for anything."