Brian Jackson gives his thoughts on WRs

Brian Jackson enters his second year as a starter at cornerback for the OU secondary. With two new safeties and plenty of practices against a Heisman Trophy winning quarterback, Jackson is seeing plenty of back-and-forth during practice. Jackson spoke with members of the media following Tuesday's practice. The main topic? Brandon Spikes and the emergence of new receivers on the offensive side of the ball.
Q: Coach Stoops said you guys had a scrimmage today, do you feel like the defense had a better performance than last week?
Brian Jackson: Yea, I thought we did a pretty good job today.
Q: I know you don't play on offense but what are your thoughts on Florida Linebacker Brandon Spikes' comments that OU is a dirty team?
Jackson: What? I didn't hear that.
Q: Well, you were there, what was the atmosphere like in the trenches? Was it different than any other game?
Jackson: It did get a little rowdy out there. But you have to realize that we were in Florida in their house so we had to come in with a whole different mind-set a whole different type of game. We had to come in and make a statement.
Q: If you wanted to nit-pick, couldn't you say that dirty play goes on in every play?
Jackson: Absolutely. I mean you never know what's going on, especially down there near the offensive and defensive lines. We don't get to see anything down there unless someone's slides in there and makes a play but usually they're on each other's back the whole game.
Q: So you didn't feel like there was any dirty play from OU's end?
Jackson:No I feel like it was just good healthy competition.
Q: Wasn't Spikes the one who took a swing at Trent Williams?
Jackson: Yea, I think it was…and now look at what he's saying. I guess that's how that goes though.
Q: You're going up against the wide receiver every day in practice, who is standing out to you that might be in line for those two open spots?
Jackson: Honestly I feel like they're all doing a wonderful job. I can't just pick anybody out and say he's doing a much better job than another person. I love all of them just like I love all the DB's. They're my teammates.
There's not one guy you can single out?
Jackson: There's not one guys who stands out but Adron (Tennell) is a guy who's made a lot of plays. I'm really impressed with him. He likes to go for the long ball and he has good speed and has the talent to do it. And I've been in his ear trying to keep him on the right path because I almost feel like we're brothers.
Q: It seems like his height is really his biggest asset..
Jackson: Yea it really is. It's really going to solidify him as a playmaker, especially against those smaller corners.
What's different about going into your second season as a starter, opposed to last year?
Jackson: I just feel a little more comfortable. That's the thing, having the experience and seeing the things coming through everything I went through last year is going to help me become a better player.
How long did it take before you were comfortable last year?
Jackson: About the TCU game I was pretty comfortable. The first couple of games I was pretty shaky. I mean you never know how it's going to go and you never know what it's going to take but I feel like it's a new year and a new challenge this year for me.
Q: Last year you and Dominique were young guys breaking in with seniors, this year it's the other way around isn't it?
Jackson: Yea but you have to look at those guys and say that they've been here three or four years, so we don't really see anybody as new. A freshman is new. So those guys coming into the secondary have basically been here as long as some of us who are returning. Quinton (Carter) has been here as long as Dominique. So it's going to be easy helping those guys move in and helping them transition just like Lendy and Nic did for me and Dom last year.