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Could Redfield Be Open to Leaving Cali

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Mission Viejo, Calif. safety Max Redfield has heard the chatter, many around Southern California have him becoming another standout prospect set to star for the Trojans in the years to come. Interestingly the 6-foot-2, 195-pound says that he has learned from a close family member that staying close to home isn't a requirement of a college decision.
That reality becomes even more interesting when one considers it's his mother that once chose to go about as far away from home as possible.
"The finality of going to a college, she was actually born in California and went to UConn, she is more telling me to go where I'm most comfortable, and a place where I can see myself for four years," Redfield explained.
The nation's No. 30 prospect admits to having most of his friends in football have been, or currently are, on the roster but that being said with offers coming in from coast to coast, including a new one from Oklahoma he is still willing to look around.
The Sooners are a program he wants a longer look at and recently the Sooners got in touch with him to let him know his standing with Mike Stoops and co.
"Coach Stoops called my coach and had me call him. I knew of him but I didn't have any contact," he explained.
"He kind of told me that they had been looking at me and they were very impressed and wanted me to check out Oklahoma. He told me about himself and the program. It's all really exciting.
"I've watched Oklahoma's games on television and I've always been interested. So whenever I've heard Oklahoma is interested it was exciting. I don't know a lot about them academically and how their campus is."
Redfield says he has several friends that have gone to Norman, Okla. as regular students and from their reports he has picked up even more interesting about playing football for Bob Stoops.
The big defensive back also says that whenever he could make a trip to Oklahoma he'd like to hit up current Southern California Sooners Tony Jefferson, Kenny Stills, Brennan Clay, and Taylor McNamara.
"I would definitely see how they felt about it and how they felt about the campus and if they liked it and if it's a huge change, and get their input," he said.
"I'm still considering a lot of schools. I'm not trying to narrow it down any time soon, I'd like to get to some out of state schools, it's kind of what my mom wants to do.
"I don't have any plans of committing early, it will probably be after next season.
"I was talking about maybe not taking officials to some of the schools that are closer. Instead maybe taking my officials farther away to places like Oklahoma, Ole Miss, and the Florida colleges.
"It'll probably have to be an official, but my dad is in Connecticut so we've talked about a cross country trip but nothing is set in stone."
With more and more elite offers coming in, and location seeming to be a non-factor in Redfield's decision-making process. How is that he'll decide between so many quality choices?
"One of my top priorities is having my major and being really strong academically. My parents are really into my academics and it's a priority for me, I want a school that has good tradition and is up and coming, and can really develop a good relationship. Also I'd like a place that has good players that I can see myself playing with and having a good time with," he explained.
Redfield says the major he is looking for is criminal justice.