Finlay: Joe has done nothing wrong

The Norman Police Department is continuing its investigation into an alleged assault at Pickleman's Gourmet Café early Friday morning.
The investigation includes Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon. Mixon met with Norman police to give a statement earlier this afternoon.
Mixon's attorney, Kevin Finlay,​ released a​ statement on his behalf ​ this evening.
"This past Friday morning Joe Mixon found himself in a situation where he was subjected to both verbal and physical attacks from a very intoxicated and troubled young woman," said Finlay in the statement. "As a result of these physical attacks, Joe instinctually defended himself against further harm.
"As promised, Joe met with investigators from the Norman Police Department this afternoon. Throughout the meeting, Joe continued to be forthcoming and cooperative with their investigation. We are looking forward to a thorough investigation and are very much looking forward to the truth coming out. As we have always maintained, Joe has done nothing wrong."
In his meeting with the Norman Police Department Mixon requested charges be filed for assault and battery against the alleged victim in the incident, University of Oklahoma student Amelia Molitor​, ​a source told SoonerScoop.
No charges are expected to be filed until extensive interviews with all parties involved in the incident are completed and submitted to the Cleveland County District Attorney's office for review.
Mixon's attorneys met with the district attorney's office this afternoon to discuss Pickleman's surveillance video of the incident for the first time today, sources told SoonerScoop. The video was obtained by the Norman Police Department following the incident.
Sources told SoonerScoop no one outside the Norman Police Department had access to the video prior to that meeting, although Mixon's attorneys and the University of Oklahoma have made requests for copies.
Court records obtained by SoonerScoop show a bench warrant -- a misdemeanor warrant -- was issued for the arrest of Molitor​.​
The bench warrant was issued the day before the incident that allegedly left her face bloody and broken. Molitor was not arrested at the scene.
"Misdemeanor warrants are not entered into the National Crime Information Center database," Cleveland County Sheriff's department public information officer Meghan McCormick told SoonerScoop. "That could be the reason why she was not arrested at the scene.
"The bench warrant was issued for misdemeanor possession of controlled substance and possession of paraphernalia. The warrant was issued July 24, 2014. She could be arrested at a later time."
Molitor accused Mixon of allegedly punching her face hard enough to break bone. SoonerScoop broke news of Mixon's being a part of an ongoing investigation into the incident last Friday.
SoonerScoop contacted Molitor requesting comment, but she declined to comment on the advice of her legal counsel.