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Foreman commits to Oklahoma

Texas City, Texas 2014 wide receiver Armanti Foreman is known as one of the top receivers in his class, and tonight he decided he was ready to add another line to that title becoming the first pledge of the Oklahoma Sooners 2014 recruiting class.
It was just a few weeks ago when Oklahoma Sooners co-offensive coordinator and receivers coach Jay Norvell let the 5-11, 175-pound standout know the Sooners were extending him his first scholarship offer. Tonight, Foreman called Norvell to let him know he was ready to accept the offer.
"My thing was I just wanted to come at him the right way with it and not come at him [too casually]," Foreman said. "I wanted to be professional with it and say the right thing, but it all came from my heart. That's what I liked the most about it was it all came from my heart. That's what I really wanted to do.
"Nobody made me do this, it was all on me. I thought about myself and not too much about my brother. I know we would like to go play for the same place but I thought about myself and what I wanted to do with my future. Calling him and letting the phone ring I was kind of nervous because I didn't know how to come out and say it but once he answered the phone I calmed down and it just happened. There was no need to be nervous."
Of course Norvell, was excited to receive the news.
"He was really happy," Foreman said. "When I called him he said he was writing me a letter. He's been writing me a lot letters and sending a lot of mail telling me about Oklahoma and about me and being an athlete and staying on top of my grades. He wanted to make sure that's what I wanted to do. I told him yeah."
"It really wasn't just a first offer thing for me because if I didn't feel like Oklahoma was a good fit for me I wouldn't have put myself in this situation just because they're the first offer," Foreman added. "I'm pretty sure more offers will come but when you have a school like Oklahoma you cannot pass that up. I see myself fitting well in that offense and doing a lot of things at this school. I see myself trying to do punt and kick returns. A lot of things."
Foreman was not able to talk to Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops this evening, but plans to change that as soon as possible. He also has not visited Oklahoma before, again something he plans to change when the Sooners take on Notre Dame.
For now he is just excited, relieved, and happy to be a Sooner.
"It feels good," Foreman said. "Me making that decision, talking to coach Norvell and my dad and my family about it I feel like it was a great decision for myself. I really like a lot of stuff about the program and the team and the offense. I feel like I can be a big part of that offense and I hope I can make a name for myself in that offense. They throw the ball a lot so why not go to a school like that.
"I really took a liking to coach Norvell the first couple of times talking to him and getting to know him. I feel like he's an honest man and he'll use me in the right way and lead me down the right path to where I want to go and make me be successful."