Jones and Wort find an odd hobby

While many have assumed that Wagoner, Okla. three-star linebacker Gus Jones may have fallen behind classmates Jaydan Bird, Ronnell Lewis and Tom Wort that may not be exactly true. That's because Jones has been spending time with the trio, and Wort in particular. The 6-foot-2, 211-pound linebacker has been helping Wort take up some interesting hobbies on his weekends'.
"I've been down to Oklahoma a couple of weekends since I signed," Jones said. "Actually since then Tom Wort has been here three or four weekends in a row.
"I hung out up there with him before the spring game, actually it may have been two weeks before the spring game and then he has come down here a few times. We had him out there working some cattle, it was funny but he loves it."
Jones, who graduated last Friday, says that since signing his days have been filled with workouts, hanging out with friends and dealing with being the town's biggest football star in quite some time.
"I've just been hanging out with friends all the time and lifting," he said. "I love the workout. Coach (Brent) Venables has come up to see me and he and the guys are just trying to get me used to it.
"They just now sent me the one I'm actually going to be doing at Oklahoma.
"Tom comes out here and as he learns more and more stuff so I get to learn some of that now. He gave me some new stuff to do."
While it would be assumed that his new-found friend Wort would be Jones' roommate that won't be the case. However the nation's No. 39 inside linebacker for the class of 2009 has a roommate that he is familiar with and is ready to share space with.
"I'm going to room with Marshall Musil," he said. "I knew that Tom already had a roommate and Marshall and I have talked on the phone and we just decided to room together."
The workouts Oklahoma sent have helped Jones prepare physically for the rigors of his first year as a Sooner while relationships with Wort, Lewis, and a few other of his classmates and even some more veteran Sooners have helped him get his mind right about playing and living in Norman.
"I knew Ronnell and Gabe Lynn I've bet some older guys but I'm the worst with names," Jones recalled. "Also I've talked to some with Ryan Reynolds, Austin Box and some other guys."
"They just treat me like one of those guys but we've got football running through our veins so that comes up."
On a scale of 1-10 how prepared does Jones think he is for the ever-challenging summer workouts under Jerry Schmidt?
"I know that there are going to be some tough days but I love to work hard. I love the hard work of practice, but I'd probably say I'm about an 8. I'm not in the top condition shape I want to be in," he admitted.
Jones plans to report to campus just before the start of the first summer school session on June 6.