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Kruger, assistants get pay raise

ARDMORE --The University of Oklahoma Board of Regents showed how pleased they are with the direction of many of OU's sports programs on Wednesday.
The regents approved raises at the Samuel Noble Foundation Center for 29 of the university's coaches and one administrator at their June meeting.
Every OU head coach now makes six figures or more.
OU men's basketball coach Lon Kruger contract was extended through June 30, 2020. His salary was raised to $2.2 million -- a $200,000 bump.
His annual stay bonus was raised from $250,000 to $550,000 for the next two seasons.
OU assistants Chris Crutchfield, Steve Henson and Lew Hill each received $10,000 raises and a 1-year contract extension. Crutchfield, Henson and Hill will earn $225,250 over the next calendar year.
The men's basketball program is coming off a second straight appearance in the NCAA tournament and a second place finish in the Big 12.
Women's basketball coach Sherri Coale was awarded a contract extension through June 30, 2020. She'll earn $1.13 million over the next calendar year.
Coale's assistants weren't left out in the cold either.
Assistant Pam DeCosta's 1-year deal will pay her $139,000. Assistant Jan Ross' 1-year deal will pay her $205,000, and assistant Chad Thrailkill's 1-year deal will play him $150,000.
Oklahoma softball coach Patty Gasso was the only coach on the agenda who didn't receive a pay raise. However, she was awarded a contract extension through 2019.
Wrestling coach Mark Cody:
Next year's salary: $147,500.
Women's rowing coach Leeanne Crain:
Next year's salary: $125,000.
Women's golf coach Veronique Drouin-Luttrell:
Next year's salary: $140,000.
Men's golf coach Ryan Hybl:
Next year's salary: $145,000.
gymnastics coach K.J. Kindler:
Next year's salary: $220,000 with an annual $10,000 increase through 2020.
Annual stay bonus: $25,000 beginning Feb. 1, 2015 with an added annual raise of $10,000.
Women's tennis coach David Mullins:
Next year's salary: $110,000.
Women's soccer coach Matt Potter:
Next year's salary: $170,000.
Men's tennis coach John Roddick:
Next year's salary: $175,000.
Men's and w​omen's track and cross country coach James VanHootgem:
Next year's salary: $153,000.
Men's gymnastics coach Mark Williams:
Next year's salary: $206,000 with an annual $10,000 increase through 2020.