Miller making up for lost time this spring

Dejuan Miller was becoming a bigger and bigger part of the OU offense last season before he tore his meniscus in the days leading up to the Missouri game. That loss was felt in the weeks to come, but now that Miller is fully cleared and back practicing again, the senior is looking to make up for lost time heading into 2011.
SoonerScoop.com: You've probably already been asked about this but just getting healthy and getting back out here… how good does that feel?
Miller: It feels real goog. It feels real good to basically just get my feet wet. The pads don't feel different they still feel the same so you know it's obviously great to get back out here and start playing football.

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SS.com: You come off a season where things really started to click at the wide receiver position but you lose Cameron Kenney. Is that one of the biggest focuses for you guys as a unit is replacing that production and having a big play guy in there like he did?
Miller: Yeah, yeah. Cam definitely came on strong at the end of the season and we're obviously going to miss his poise and his playmaking ability. But I feel like with our returning guys we have now … we're more than capable of making those plays and it's all about focus and concentration because it hurt me watching the A&M and Missouri game not being able to play and those two games really just stick to my mind because those two games are two games we should have won because I feel like we were the better team anyway.
SS.com: Your kind of a different guy that Cameron aren't you? You have to make big plays your own way don't you?
Miller: Yeah I'm a more bigger receiver … he was a lot less smaller and probably ran a lot smoother routes but I would probably say I'm a lot more physical receiver because of my size and I'm able to shield dbs off in the air.
SS.com: Well you got guys like Justin McCay and Sheldon McClain that are bigger guys do you think that helps you in a way because Josh Heupel and Norvell have to develop a plan to get the ball to guys like your style?
Miller: Yeah, yeah. I think Justin and Sheldon are going to be good players here and I feel like with more time with Sheldon and Sheldon's a tall receiver ….but he's fast … he's probably about 6-3, 190 … and you know …. he's got good speed and Justins a big receiver and he blocks pretty good on the edge so I feel like our young guys are going to have to start really developing in the spring because their talented and we are going to need them down the road this season.
SS.com: What's the difference in being out there with Landry compared to being out there last year?
Miller: I'd say he's probably a little more poised because he's a junior and now he's started three years so it'd be surprising to me if wasn't poised at this point. But I've always had faith in Landry… had faith in my quarterback … to me he's one of the best quarterbacks in the Big 12 and obviously I'm looking for big things from Landry this season.
SS.com: Talking to Jay Norvell last week and there was so much being made talking about you guys not making big plays… and how you didn't make a lot of big plays on offense… Jay was talking about how Landry later in the season started recognizing to go to guys who were open. As a receiving group did you notice that too? If you get open he's probably going to find a way to get you the ball?
Miller: Yeah I think as you develop as a quarterback and as you get older your recognition starts to get better and I feel with Landry that's definitely the case.