The Unofficial 40 talks with Gabe Ikard to try and figure out if we're going to football in 2020
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PODCAST: Every day is another kick in the balls

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It's not often we invite guests on to the podcast, but Gabe Ikard joins us this week to talk about the potential of broadcasting OU games in a pandemic this season as well as the latest from camp and the latest on whether football is going to happen. We have a schedule format from the Big 12, players seem to be going down like flies in camp and Josh brings us the latest on recruiting. When will the Sooners kickoff against Missouri State? And yes, we are confident Missouri State will remain the non-conference game. Are OU players being courted to boycott by the Pac-12 group? Anything to worry about there? Every day brings something new. Today is a new episode of the Unofficial40.

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The full rundown follows below:

00:00 - Hello and welcome. No one has any idea what's happening.

15:00 - Pac-12United infiltrating other schools?

20:40 - *Special Guest: Gabe Ikard*

47:00 - Team News

55:00 - Justin Harrington injury doesn't sound good

1:01:00 - Recruiting goes on; Damond Harmon commitment

1:12:00 - Kendal Daniels