Podcast: Rufus Alexander joins 33 Belly

This week we’re joined by former All-American linebacker Rufus Alexander. Alexander was named the Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year in 2006 and helped carry on the tradition of great linebackers at the University of Oklahoma in the mid-2000s.
Alexander attended the Notre Dame game and talked with J.D. Runnels and Carey Murdock about what he saw on the field against the Fighting Irish. Alexander also had some strong opinions about the play of the Oklahoma defensive tackle position so far in 2012 as well as how Mike Stoops is adjusting to taking over the Oklahoma defense.
Alexander still has strong opinions about the Oklahoma program and how the defense is handling life after Brent Venables and he and Runnels also shared about some very entertaining Moe Dampeer stories.
Dampeer was a highly rated defensive tackle who had his fair share of run-ins with coaches before leaving the program, even though he was adored by OU fans.
There may have even been a wrestling match between Dampeer and defensive tackle coach Jackie Shipp thrown in there somewhere.
It’s another edition of J.D. Runnels’ 33 Belly podcast and one of the best to date.