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PODCAST: We're off to Frisco and football is almost here

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It's time to go back to work as Big 12 Media Days begin in Frisco, Texas on Monday. OU moves up their own media day to July 22nd. Carey has a plan to eradicate mariachi bands with barbershop quartets. We talk about the expectations of what we could learn from media days and some of the frustrations of media days. What awful things would Eddie say to Bob Bowlsby if given the chance to ask him anything? Josh disrupts the podcast on multiple occasions because he is trying to eat and listen to music while we are working on the show. A deep dive into the inner workings of the Lincoln Riley football machine and the latest in recruiting as well as we have several commitments to talk about since our last podcast. Another full show with lots of info and fun!

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The rundown follows below:

OPEN - Carey advocates for Big 12 Media Days to turn into a complete circus. Let's get weird!

0:04:40 - What press conference stealing question would Eddie like to ask Bob Bowlsby

0:11:30 - Josh is making weird noises and trying to destroy the podcast

0:12:10 - There are no QBs at media day but day two seems to hold more interest than day one.

0:13:58 - The questions Lincoln Riley will get over and over in Frisco

0:15:10 - EA Sports College Football discussion gets an f-bomb out of Josh

0:17:05 - What the hell does Bob Przybylo do for fun?

0:27:40 - The miracle of Eddie still working here

0:29:40 - OU Barstool's worst fanbase tournament

0:34:55 - The Parrish Cobb story that ran yesterday

0:39:00 - Lincoln Riley addressing the Kyler Murray/QB situation next week

0:43:50 - What were Riley's motives behind bringing these four guys to Frisco?

0:47:55 - Why did OU move their fan appreciation/media day so early?

0:51:08 - What's happening with Jalen Redmond?

0:53:00 - The standoff with the Austin media

0:55:33 - Addressing the Eric Striker future at OU

0:57:20 - Spencer Rattler commits to the San Antonio All-American game in the middle of the podcast

1:01:45 - Mike Gundy and Tom Herman appearing on day two. Texas is not doing terribly in recruiting

1:15:05 - Justice Hill will be peppered with questions about his little brother

1:11:30 - A few commitments since the last podcast. DG Warren, Marcus Major and Woodi Washington.

1:16:35 - Looking at OU's recruiting momentum and how they've built it

1:24:40 - Eddies admits he should have been censored last week regarding Tom Herman comments

1:26:02 - Eddie is now about that downtown OKC life

1:27:27 - We talk about Josh's F-950 because Carey got in a fight with a guy who had one

1:31:45 - Awkward talk about having children

1:40:18 - Josh's recruiting parting shots