Sooners Latest Commitment was Flabbergasted

When Cedar Hill, Texas head coach Joey McGuire got the call, he knew there was only one possible outcome.
He also knew he had to find his four-star offensive guard, Adam Shead.
The 6-foot-4, 315-pound prospect had been waiting for the right school to call in spite of offers from Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, and Miami. Finally on Tuesday that call came to McGuire's office and immediately he went looking for his big blocker immediately.
"I was on my way to an assembly and I just got to the assembly that was talking about drinking. Well coach McGuire came and he saw me and told me to come with him and he was walking really fast. I remember thinking 'what was wrong?'. Something just seemed all wrong."
"He stops walking and he hugs me and says 'they just offered'."
Shead knew who 'they' was immediately and quickly took a trip to his coach's office to make a call.
"That was it, and from that point on I went to the office and I called coach James Patton and I told him that I was committing to Oklahoma and that was really it," he said.
"I had already told coach McGuire that all they had to do was offer. Those were my exact words. I told them if they would offer that's where I'm going. He was fired up for me because he knew it's where I wanted to go."
The nation's No. 12 offensive guard took some time to talk about just what it meant to have the offer he had been waiting for.
"It felt good, I was just happy, I can't really explain it more than that. I was flabbergasted," he said.
That same kind of happiness comes out when Shead talks about his time at Cedar Hill. He compares the team to a big family and it's something that stood out to him during his time in Norman, the bond from the top of the coaching staff down to the players.
"I went to the spring game and coach Patton just showed me everything that I really needed to see," he said.
"He showed me the school, the dorms, and introduced me to all of the players. All of those guys seemed real cool."
"He showed me him and I think he is a real cool dude, I wouldn't mind playing for him for five years. I mean people are the big thing, you have to make sure you get along with everybody."
"Also, I mean it's Oklahoma, what else can I really say? National championships, Big 12 championships, they just win all the time."
In spite of all of these accolades Shead has broken the mold by going from Cedar Hill to Norman, Okla.
"I'm the first Cedar Hill guy to go to OU. We have a wall with all of the guys who went to college and there is no one who went to Oklahoma," he said. "That's just one of those things you would know, I mean if someone from Cedar Hill went to Oklahoma I would probably know."
Several past Longhorns have kept the team nickname and headed to play for Mack Brown in Austin, a reality not lost on Shead who has already started the heckling of his teammate, and current Texas commitment, Aaron Benson.
"It has already started, once I get off the phone I'm going to clean up my room and I'm going to make a gift bag of Texas things, I'm about to vandalize some Texas stuff," he said laughing.
"Seriously though, (Benson) was happy for me, like I was happy for him when he committed to Texas."
"That's what I like about it here, it's all family. We could be going to places like Oklahoma and Texas but we are still cool. But when Red River Weekend is here, it's on."