Sooners Want Some Football Focus

One of the interesting storylines of the class of 2012 was Oklahoma, in something of a change, giving the opportunity to a couple of players to play both basketball and football. They signed one such player in the form of current cornerback Gary Simon, but it seems that two players who have received similar offers from coast to coast in the class of 2013 have not yet been offered the same opportunity at Oklahoma.
Making the story even more interesting is the reality that the two are San Diego (Calif.) Lincoln four-star twins Tyrell and Tyree Robinson.
Causing some confusion is the reality that so far the Robinsons haven't heard from the Oklahoma hoops staff but have been told by the Sooner coaches they'd prefer the duo to focus on football.
"They aren't offering for both, I mean, we like Oklahoma, but I mean that's hard now, now that they aren't offering for both. They have such a good football program. I mean we're still wide open, maybe we'll choose one sport, but as of right now we're thinking about both," Tyrell Robinson said. "We'll see how that plays out but we still like Oklahoma."
"It was just the football coaches that we've talked to about it.
For quite some time many thought of the Robinsons as basketball first prospects but as their film got out and after a tremendous summer of camps that perception began to change. In the eyes of the talented twosome that perception was always a bit off.
"Me and my brother, we've always been two-sport athletes, we've got talents in both sports. We just weren't getting that most exposure, but all through Pop Warner, and high school we've done both. Once we went to B2G and then went to the USC camp and really started testing our skills, we've been playing, we've always known we could play though. Now though we've started to lift weights and get bigger," Tyrell Robinson explained.
The coaches who have been in touch with Tyrell, a promising outside linebacker, and Tyree a big and physical wide receiver is new, again, Sooner defensive coordinator Mike Stoops.
"Well coach Stoops, (Mike), he came down to see me and my brother, he is the one that is recruiting us. I know Oklahoma is a great program and I know that with three San Diego kids that I know really well, I just know that those guys do big things," Tyree Robinson admitted.
The Robinsons are well aware of, and know, several current 'Cali Sooners' but that's not their strongest connection to the state.
"Those guys they've been there, they've been there for a while now and they know what to expect there. If it's hard enough, they've been there, and it does help. But I've been to (the state of) Oklahoma because (our) dad lives out there," Tyree Robinson said.
"He lives in Tulsa and he just told me, I'm wide open and told me to take my recruitment slow."
While many brothers will try and claim that they are open to the idea of going to separate schools it's incredibly rare to see it happen. The claims are even made by some twins and are seen as even more importable. It's something that the Robinsons won't try, like so many others, to refute.
"If you had a twin, you are going to the same school it's the same place. It's family, you might like a different school, but if it's too much different place we can find something that works," Tyrell Robinson admitted.
Of their future college destination currently the Robinsons say they are sure of Washington and Oregon official visits but beyond that have not made their mind up about the dates of those trips nor any other of their five potential officials.
Both are listed in the 6-foot-4 and 185-pound range and while Tyrell is seen as an outside linebacker and Tyree as a receiver the future defender says the two are interchangeable.
"It's funny, me and my brother, if he wanted to play my position, he could do it and I could do his. He is more fluid at receiver than I am, I'm more of a defensive guy," the four-star linebacker said.
"Teams are just telling me that they like me coming off the edge, making plays, they like me WILL linebacker, it's the most athletic position on the field, they want me roaming around free and making plays."
Though they are far from a decision Tyree Robinson thinks whatever school he chooses will have a unique feel about it.
"It's just got to have that fire, that energy, we like to go after it, whether it's basketball or football. We just give it our all and are competitive - we're very competitive, we just want to win," he said. "We want a place that is a team, and a coach that wants to win as much as we do."
With that level of competitiveness a strong depth chart may actually be a selling point for a program rather than a detractor.
"Not really, that part is not really a problem for me and my brother. We work hard, eventually we'll compete and beat out who is in front of us. That doesn't play a factor, we're hard working kids," he said.