SoonerScoop Ready to See OKs Best

What this weekend lacks in quantity it more than makes up for in quality. With quite arguably the state of Oklahoma's four teams with the most division one potential prospects will get a look at an expansive crop of players. In the viewing we'll be seeing some of the state's top juniors - including the early favorite for No. 1 as well as the state's top senior and a vast collection of little known names that look primed to set themselves up as a very legitimate recruits over the next few years. And with each of the four programs having a history of churning out division one talent it's probable that some top 2014 prospects will begin to emerge.
Names To Know: Alex Ross, Trey'vonne Barre, Jordan Smallwood, Nick Daniels, Ryan Boatright, Ashton Henderson, Orion Jones, Sam Sabin, Chris Hall, Kendall Holmes, Kahlid Kornegay, Joniko Thomas, Blake Mejia
The skill position talent in this game is just incredible to watch Holmes, Barre, and Ross going to work out there should turn this thing into a track meet. Don't misunderstand there is defensive talent on both squads but when you look at the big play abilities for both teams it's just hard not to think that explosive plays are going to come by the boatload. For years and years this game has been a spotlight for both schools to start showing off their new talent and that figures to be no different as Eddie will have to have a roster in hand to take account of several new names that just aren't known outside of their South Tulsa circles at this point.
Names To Know: D.J. Ward, Darius Graham, Michael Thomas, Quinton Paras, Brandon Dewitt, Daniel Schwarz, Demarious Littles, Patrick Diaz, Taylor Chasteen, Dajuan Wojciechowski
This one has the look of an unmovable object against an irresistible force. Lawton's defensive talent stands up with just about any team in the state led by a defensive line of Ward, Diaz, and Dewitt that has the ability to flat out dominate. Meanwhile the Highlanders, led by Graham's powerful running, have a bevy of weapons offensively. As mentioned above these two always have more talent coming through the ranks and while Josh is only seeing one game this week the Thursday game he had planned to see, Lawton Eisenhower @ Altus, was abandoned due to Diquan Woodhosue tearing an ACL and Maurice Chandler transferring. Lucky for him Chandler is now at Lawton high and as one Wolverine coach said 'he is 6-foot-1, 180-pounds and he can run. He is going to be really good.'