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Stoops is staying

Shortly after Charlie Weis was fired by Notre Dame, Bob Stoops took his name out of consideration for the Notre Dame job by announcing he will remain at Oklahoma.
"I intend to be at Oklahoma. That's the only (job) right now that I'm looking to do," said Stoops. "I'm going to be at Oklahoma next year. I can't be in two places at once."
Rumors surfaced on Saturday that Stoops would meet with Notre Dame officials on Sunday. But Monday afternoon Stoops would not confirm whether that meeting had taken place.
"I will never confirm or deny whether I talk or don't talk to anybody. I won't be interviewing for any jobs," he said.
Stoops' finished the regular season 7-5 after injuries ravaged his team throughout the season. Stoops is on the recruiting trail for the first time in four years following his final regular season game as the previous three years have been spent preparing for the Big 12 Championship game.
Stoops has been spreading the message of his return to potential recruits since hitting the road on Sunday.
"In the end, I couldn't be more excited, even through a tough year we have good, quality kids we're working with and the great people I work with here daily in our administration," said Stoops of the message he's giving recruits. "I can't help all that's said. In the end the players I'm recurting understand what I'm excited about and what I intend to do."