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Trevor Knight hasnt fully recovered from Baylor injury to play

Oklahoma quarterback Trevor Knight has not been medically cleared to suit up this weekend against Texas Tech, Bob Stoops announced Thursday morning. Knight, who has yet to practice this week, was knocked out of the game during Oklahoma's 48-14 loss to Baylor last weekend after being tackled by a trio of Bears' defenders.
Knight was down on the field, struggling to get up. After several anxious moments, Knight was strapped to a backboard and carted from the field.
Later that evening, the university released a statement saying Knight left the OU football complex under his own power following the game.
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"So far all his X-rays and MRIs have been clear," said Stoops during his Monday afternoon press conference. "It's just being able to manage. He's pretty sore right now and being able to manage that. We'll just see how he continues to recover and I'll report on it once it's definitive."
Stoops also indicated Wednesday, through a department spokesperson, that Knight would be evaluated today by medical personnel before Knight's status was determined.
It was determined Thursday Knight wasn't ready to return to football. learned earlier this week Knight suffered transient quadriplegia during the play, a condition that causes a person to suffer burning pain sensations, numbness, tingling or a loss of sensation on both sides of their body.
Transient quadriplegia can also cause a person to suffer temporary paralysis in his arms, legs, or all limbs. Sources tell us Knight did suffer temporary paralysis following the hit by the Baylor defenders.
The injury Knight suffered was more substantial than a stinger because it involved both sides of his body. But according to the Manual for Sports Medicine, players can return to the field of play following transient quadriplegia. But there are several issues involving the spinal canal that must be met: Issues that would determine the likelihood of Knight suffering this type of injury again.
The biggest factor with Knight's return was whether or not he suffered from spinal stenosis, or a narrowing of the spinal canal. Sources indicated to Knight's test results earlier this week showed no such issues.
Those same sources indicated Knight is still suffering from soreness following the injury but is expected to return for the Kansas game next weekend.
With Knight out, redshirt freshman Cody Thomas steps in to fill the starting quarterback role.
"Very comfortable with Cody," said Bob Stoops of his newest QB. "He's shown great poise, when he's been out there, and he's shown a comfort level in what we're doing, the ability to throw it. I feel good about him out there."
"He's excited if it's his ball. He'll do a good job," added co-offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Josh Heupel Monday evening.
The Sooners also moved Blake Bell back to quarterback this week during practices in order to serve as Thomas' backup against Texas Tech.
Thomas has thrown just 16 passes this season, but the talented thrower did manage to finish off Sooners' first scoring drive against Kansas State back on Oct. 18.
Thomas entered the game with the Sooners facing 2nd-and-20 from OU's own 22-yard line after Knight left the game due to an injury. Thomas marched the Sooners down the field, with the help of a 42-yard run by Alex Ross, and took a 7-0 lead over the Wildcats.
Knight returned from injury following that score to quarterback the Sooners the rest of the way.
But Thomas may not have to do much in Lubbock. The Red Raiders' rushing defense ranks 119 out of 126 in NCAA FBS play. With the Sooners back to full strength at running back after the return of Keith Ford, a quarterback's arm shouldn't be deciding this one Saturday.