Trevor Knights family reacts to the news

Sooner fans have been on the edge of their seats awaiting Bob Stoops' official announcement regarding OU's starting quarterback for the opener against Louisiana Monroe.
Take that anticipation and multiply it by 1,000. That's the type of anxiousness felt by Trevor Knight's family back in San Antonio. reached out to the Knight family just moments after Trevor was named OU's starting quarterback.
video by Eddie Radosevich
"My goodness, it's just awesome, it's just awesome.," said George Knight. "It's just going to be an incredible ride for him. I just couldn't happier for him."
George was sitting in his office at the time we contacted the father of OU's newest quarterback.
How fresh was the news? George had just called his wife, Tricia, to tell her of the news.
"I called her and she quickly answered and said, 'I'm in a meeting', and I said Trevor got it and hung back up.  That's all she knows at this point. That he got it."
It's been a tense week for the Knight family after so many reports surfaced about their son being crowned the likely starter.
"After Monday and Tuesday with all that  news breaking, and then the San Antonio station is breaking all kinds of news we had to say there's nothing official until coach Stoops says it's official," explained Knight. "So we've been kind of on the downslope of the roller coaster here for the last day or so wondering when the announcement was going to be made."
That roller coaster reached it's final destination just after 5:30 p.m. Thursday evening.
"This is definitely back up to the high point," Knight said.
It's an unthinkable process to go through for a family who has been so involved in their son's athletic career.
For Trevor, he also gets to share this experience with his twin brother, Connor, who is a walk-on tight end at Oklahoma.
"I'm just so happy for Trevor and Connor," their father gushed. "I'm happy for Trevor that a kid of his strong Christian beliefs, his incredible personality, his fantastic leadership skills is going to get an opportunity to not only use all of those things but to help other people in those areas."
The Knights have made plenty of trips to Oklahoma for football games, camps and visits over the years. Their next trip will be the most special of all.
They'll no longer be going to watch Trevor's team play.
Aug. 31, the Knights will travel up from San Antonio to watch their son lead the Sooners onto the field as the starting quarterback for his team.
Awesome indeed.
RJ Young contributed to this report