Williams loves football on and off the field

Trent Williams met with reporters after Monday evening's practice and an interesting little fact came out. Williams is slightly consumed with EA Sports' NCAA College Football on PS3. Williams talked about the battles off the field in front of the tube as well as the battle raging on the field in fall camp.
Q: So we heard a rumor that you're pretty good at NCAA '09?
Williams: Heck ya! I'm on the PS3 all night.
EDITORS NOTE: Fortunately for OU's academic reputation, classes are not in session right now
Q: What do you think of your player?
Williams: I'm a lot better with it this year than I was last season. Last year I felt like they kind of screwed me over with my skill ratings and things like that but it looked pretty good this year.
Q: Who's your biggest rival on the team?
Williams: No doubt Jermaine (Gresham). Me and him have had some heated battles in the past years and we've already had some good matchups this year.
Q: Is there any smack talking?
Williams: Oh yea. I pop off all the time to Jermaine. But that's cause I'm usually on the winning end.
Q: So which one of you plays with OU?
Wiliams: To tell you the truth we try not to play with OU. We've agreed that OU is off limits. It saves arguments.
Q: So through a couple of practices, How is the offensive line progressing?
Williams: It's going real well. I definitely think it's a work in progress but it is only week one of practice. You can see the younger guys picking it up really well. On the first day it was kind of surprising how slow the tempo was but after only a few practices its crazy how fast we've gotten.
Q: Is it fair to say that they're picking it up faster than you guys did last season?
Williams: Oh yeah.
Q: Why?
Williams: I think they have a blueprint with last season. They have a lot of film to watch and learn from. We basically had to start from scratch and almost teach ourselves. Last year we had nobody to ask if it was right. We almost had to just throw it out there and run with it. This year most of us were at least in practices last season and have learned what it's supposed to look like.
Q: Other than experience, what is the biggest difference you've seen in this line and last season's crew?
Williams: Oh we're definitely smaller. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Some people will say that smaller is less strength, some will say that smaller is more speed. In the end I don't really think it's a plus or a minus. It's like you said…just different and I think we're all anxious to see if and how if and what kind of changes it will bring to the no huddle.
Q: Talk about your "new" member to the line in Brody Eldridge?
Williams: Yeah, Brody looks good out there. But it's no surprise, Brody is far and away the best blocker on the team so it really didn't shock me when the coaches made the decision to have him start taking snaps in case of an emergency.
Q: Brody said it was a little interesting the first time he started snapping the ball, did you guys give him a hard time?
Williams: (Laughing) Oh yeah, we gave him a lot of grief with the first few because they looked a little awkward. But it didn't last long. He got it down pretty quickly.
Q: Coach Stoops said last year Brody was arguably the team MVP because of his knowledge of the game. I assume you can see even more of that with how he's transitioned to a new position?
Williams: Yeah, Brody could probably play any position on the field with how well he knows the game. He's extremely smart and extremely physical and you can see that in whatever position he is out there.
Q: So what about you, are you thinking of getting in the rotation to try out for center?
Williams: If that's what coach wants me to do I guess I can get in there.