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A Look at 2021: QB

With the class of 2020 less than 24 hours in the books, there is no time to waste. That's right, it's time to turn attention toward the class of 2021. And where else should one start but at quarterback? Oklahoma once thought they were done at the position but a change of heart threw things back into question.

Let's take a look at some possible targets at a position that Oklahoma should have great success recruiting.


Why it Makes Sense: Williams is Oklahoma's primary target right now at quarterback and they are working hard to make him feel like the priority he is. When you throw in Lincoln Riley's track record at the position, it's something that adds up - particularly considering Williams visited last season in spite of Oklahoma not, then, having a spot to take him.

Why it Doesn't: On that visit Williams was treated somewhat cooly, as Oklahoma was focused on Brock Vandagriff and wanted to avoid any mixed message. However, that doesn't seem to be something Williams is holding against them. That said, Oklahoma did lose some available momentum in that moment.


Why it Makes Sense: Oklahoma has long had a presence in Southern California though things have waned a bit as of late. Costelli is rumored to be leaning toward Nebraska but that feels like a race that Oklahoma could enter and have a chance to make an impression.

Why it Doesn't: As mentioned, Oklahoma's got no real relationship here and would be playing catchup to Scott Frost and co.

Why it Makes Sense: Oklahoma has had some contact with Davis for some time now but obviously no offer has taken place just yet. Davis is a guy from an area that Oklahoma has a good relationship and knows well, perhaps he'd be their next move at the position?

Why it Doesn't: The disadvantage to familiarity with a program is that when you don't recruit a player, it's more noticeable. At some point Oklahoma will struggle to make up for the lost time. It's not here yet, but before long they'll need to know if he's a true target or not.

Why it Makes Sense: Oklahoma offered his teammate, J. Michael Sturdivant, last week but so far hasn't gone down the road very far with Nussmeier. It feels likely that LSU is waiting to know it's future on Williams before fully committing to Nussmeier. Should LSU land Williams, does Nussmeier become a much more realistic target for Oklahoma?

Why it Doesn't: This is a guy that Oklahoma is unlikely to win in a head up battle against LSU, due to his father's connection to Louisiana. Again, if that door closes, things could change quickly.

Why it Makes Sense: Oklahoma and Cedar Hill have a long history of connection with the Sooners landing several Longhorns, including Charleston Rambo through the years. Add in Oklahoma's track record at the position and it's not hard to see them catching his eye in the future.

Why it Doesn't: Like some others on the list, there is no track record of contact but should Oklahoma get involved, things could change rapidly.

Why it Makes Sense: A highly talented quarterback in the Dallas area? This one isn't exactly rocket science.

Why it Doesn't: His father has huge connections to SMU, the Sooners probably won't be able to overcome them but maybe the difference in the two programs could mean something? It's unlikely but it seems at least worth entertaining.

Why it Makes Sense: Oklahoma's presence in Arizona has already been fairly strong but only figures to grow with the presumed emergence of Spencer Rattler as well as the hires of two former assistants in the state.

Why it Doesn't: Again, Oklahoma hasn't had a lot of connection here and one has to wonder if the highly unlikely chance at starting as a freshman, particularly behind a fellow Arizonan, might be less than desirable.