Adron Tennell will key OUs revamped WRs

So much focus was spent talking about the offensive line during this year's media days, but the wide receiver position is still a concern for Sam Bradford and Bob Stoops. One player who could calm a lot of fears heading into the 2009 season is returning veteran Adron Tennell.
Tennell, by all accounts, had a breakthrough spring this year, but now it's time to translate those performances into gamedays in the Big 12 Conference. caught up with Tennell to get his take on how the receivers will step up this season. Tell us how the summer went for you? Are you still keeping up that momentum from the spring?
Adron Tennell: Oh yes. I haven't skipped a beat. I've been doing the same things, the same routine, the same footwork drills, the same exercise stuff I've been doing. I know Bob Stoops is still saying he wants to see more from you guys, do you feel like you started to gel as a unit this summer?
Tennell: We did. We all connected. We all improve each other and we just have to get that common bond with Sam down. We're working on that and it's getting better. Who made the biggest improvement over the summer that you saw?
Tennell: Dejuan Miller no doubt. He impressed me in the gym. He worked hard and competed and finished no. 1 in almost every drill we worked on.
But you already know what J.O. and Dejuan can do. Cameron and Jaz came out and they really did good during the summer catching the ball and running routes too. What is the scouting report on him for fans who haven't seen him
Tennell: You're going to see a big, physical, strong tough guy who likes to go in the trenches and pull out the hard balls. You have a reputation of keeping things light hearted, were you successful at doing that this summer?
Tennell: I tried. I love to keep people smiling. I think it's because I'm so calm. Anytime I feel like the team is uptight or anytime its dead silent I feel the need to lighten the mood. Life's supposed to be fun. That's pretty tough to do in some of those grinding workouts
Tennell: Nah, a smile goes a long way. How are you approaching the opportunity that presents itself to get on the field this fall?
Tennell: I'm going to go out there and do my job. Anyway I can get on the field will work for me. I've had a long time to learn and watch from some of the best and there's no excuses about what's being asked from me. It's up to me and I think that this will be a big year for me. How much confidence do you have with Sam back there
Tennell: I love that. I wake up every morning with a smile on my face knowing I'm going to catch passes from Sam. It's a great thing. Did he let you in on his new hair do?
Tennell: Oh it was a surprise to see all those locks gone. He looked good though with it shaved. Do you guys feel like you can be as good as last year's wide receivers.
Tennell: I think so. I think what helps us out more than anything is that we were around last year to learn this new offense. Now if this was the first year we installed this offense than I might say "we'll have to see", but I think all of us really used last year to learn this offense front and back and I think we're way ahead of schedule because of that. How tough was that up-tempo offense to learn?
Tennell: It was all right. It's all about getting back to the line and getting your head over fast enough to get the signals. It wasn't as hard for me as it might have been for other people. Have you set any individual goals for this year?
Tennell: Not really. Just win games. I don't know if I'm in position right now to be setting mammoth goals. I'm focused on getting back to the 'big game' and this time coming home with the trophy.