Alvarez Couldnt Wait to be a Sooner

It's been almost four months since Oklahoma and offensive line coach Bill Bedenbaugh received their first commitment on the offensive line. Since then a few offers have been extended while the Sooners continued to keep their eyes on other targets. This past weekend Jonathan Alvarez, who is one of those targets was in Norman checking out Oklahoma as they defeated West Virginia 16-7.
While the 6-foot-3 and 305-pound offensive guard out of Mesquite (Texas) Horn was in attendance he was informed that it would soon be discussed if an offer would be extended or not, though Bedenbaugh already had his answer in mind.
"Saturday coach Bedenbaugh told me he was getting together with coach (Bob) Stoops and the offensive coordinator (Josh Heupel) and they were going to talk about if they were going to offer me or not," Alvarez stated. "And coach Bedenbaugh said that right away he was going to say yes. And that I should be getting the phone call either yesterday or today. I found out in second period in class today and I was just really excited."
It didn't take long for Alvarez to decide what he wanted to do after he received his offer but he had other engagements that he had to take care of before he could inform Bedenbaugh of his decision.
"I had to go to practice first. I couldn't do anything until after practice. I got out of practice, came home and told my parents and then I called the coaches," he said about pulling the trigger.
It was the fact that Oklahoma was straight forward with him mixed with what he saw while he was in Norman that pushed him to commit.
"I went up for the visit and I really liked what I saw. I liked everything about OU. They didn't beat around the bush like a lot of schools that are recruiting me do. Saying that they were going to do something this week and then it gets pushed back. Whatever they said, it really happened. Coach Bedenbaugh is a straight forward guy and that's what I like about him," he explained.
Another part of the visit that grabbed Alvarez's attention was the game day atmosphere as well as a pregame chant that Sooner fans are well acquainted with.
"I thought it was great. I've never seen a true college town before," Alvarez replied. "And just to see them fill up that stadium and hear them screaming 'Boomer Sooner' just got me excited."
Alvarez talked about the main things that he likes about his future position coach.
"I think he is a great guy," he began. "I love how he is always straight forward, he doesn't like beating around the bush. He will tell you if you are staying low on the depth chart or not. I love that he told me straight up when I was in his office that he is going to be harsh in practice because he wants to have the best guy out there. He wants to make you the best and I just really like that. I don't want someone that is going to be lackadaisical when he tells me what to do. I love how he thinks that you can never be perfect, that you can always improve your footwork and your strength and your speed. I love his whole philosophy on the o-line."
Before he received his Oklahoma offer Houston was pushing for him to make a decision while TCU had told him they were planning to come out to his game this Friday against Duncanville. Now, he says he is just glad the process is over.
"It feels great and I'm just glad to have the whole recruiting process over. I chose a great school, great place and I'm just really happy," he said.
The Sooners often favor a low key approach to recruiting but that doesn't mean that Bedenbaugh is open to the big man looking around.
"Coach Bedenbaugh made me promise. I'm fully committed to OU," Alvarez answered.
Alvarez says that he is being looked at for center and guard because OU likes that he can play both. He has been working hard in the weight room he says and is currently benching 345-pounds, squatting 515-pounds and cleans 305-pounds. He also excels in the classroom as well.
"My parents since I was little instilled that classwork comes before everything. If I don't pass I'm not doing anything. I'm currently top 10 percent of my class. I have National Honor Society. My parents are really proud of what I have been able to do on and off the field," he stated.