Bell will replace Knight as starter for Tulsa

Quarterback Trevor Knight will not be available this weekend for Oklahoma's game against Tulsa. Bob Stoops announced Monday morning his starting quarterback the last two games has a bruised knee and could miss the next two weeks of practice.
"He in all likelihood is going to be out one week for sure, maybe two weeks," said Stoops. "But we do get Kendal Thompson back today so we'll start Blake Bell and Kendal Thompson will be practicing today as a backup."
Knight was benched in favor of backup quarterback Bell during Saturday's 16-7 win over West Virginia after struggling for the second straight game.
video by Eddie Radosevich
Knight completed 10-of-20 passes for 119 yards Saturday but also threw 2 costly interceptions, one of which was picked off by West Virginia in their own endzone.
Knight hurt his right knee on a quarterback keeper just before halftime near the WVU goal line but returned to play in the third quarter.
During the third quarter Knight completed just 1-of-5 passes for 6 yards. He was then replaced by Bell.
"I'm sure it did affect him to some degree," said Stoops of Knight's injury affecting his performance.
Stoops bristled when asked if he was replaced by Bell due to injury or poor play.
"It's both. It doesn't matter," he said. "I said I didn't feel things were what they needed to be. Injury could have been part of it but does it really matter when we have to make the decision? The bottom line was we had to do something different."
Knight's ineffectiveness in the passing game wasn't just limited to the third quarter against West Virginia. Before his injury Knight completed just 20-of-43 passes for 199 yards, 4 touchdowns and 3 interceptions in six full quarters of play.
Stoops named Bell the starter for Tulsa but also said Thompson would return to practice today. Thompson has been sidelined all fall after breaking his foot in the first practice of fall camp.
"It'll take him this week to get back in the groove but he was doing fantastic before he got hurt," said Stoops of Thompson. "He's been in the room and at practice, mentally, so he should pick it right up fairly quickly."
Stoops made no mention of true freshman quarterback Cody Thomas when discussing his quarterback rotation Saturday. He made it clear Thompson would be the backup quarterback against Tulsa.
"You have another guy that's out there ready to play that will compete for the job," said Stoops of Thompson's status. "Also, if something were to happen, somebody is ready to play."
Sources tell Knight's exact injury is two sprained ligaments, a PCL and MCL, and he also suffered a burst bursa sac according to the MRI performed Sunday. It's likely, according to sources, Knight's injury will also keep him out of the Notre Dame game in three weeks.
Stoops said starting left tackle Tyrus Thompson is scheduled to practice Monday.Thompson went down late in the game against West Virginia with an apparent ankle injury.
Stoops also updated the status of Aaron Colvin, who left the game in the second half after a collision but did not return to action.
"He was at the dentist today," said Stoops. "He felt a lot better Sunday so we expect him to be ready."