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Big Enough to Handle OU

When Oklahoma released it's roster on Tuesday morning one of the immediate firestorms that began was incoming junior college receiver Marquise Brown's listed weight of 148-pounds.

That's right, 148-pounds.

Those who had seen Brown's staggering junior college highlight reel were probably less surprised as size was far from the hallmark of his game.

Brown, who signed with Oklahoma on Dec. 14, spoke with, just days before his departure for Norman, about his, then, upcoming arrival to Oklahoma. And though Brown is already drawing strong reviews he knew coming into the job he had plenty of talent to work his way through.

"I haven’t gotten ready to see everybody yet, I’m sure all of those guys do everything well. They wouldn’t be there if they aren’t good. I feel that I have a skillset that I can come in and help on special teams, offense. I could see myself being a big part of the offense next year," Brown said.

Not surprisingly the lone game that happened following his Dec. 11 commitment, the Sugar Bowl win over Auburn, caught Brown's eye as he waited to report to Norman.

"It was great, I had a lot of people watching that game with me and it was great to watch the guys out there. I could definitely see myself contributing to the team and making a big contribution this year," he explained.

Brown, who is rooming with fellow junior college transfer Marcelias Sutton, may only be a year older than his high school counterparts in the class of 2017 but likely won't have to fight through some of the homesickness that many high school transplant live with. He also knows he can help his classmates as some do, inevitably go through those growing pains.

"(Actually) I like it, I like being away. You miss home after a while but I really enjoy being away and being able to do my thing. You meet a lot of new people when you are away from home. It helps you grow up faster," he said.

"The (2017 class) are great guys, they are coming in ready to work. They are high school guys but they are coming in ready to work. I love the mindset of those guys and we are just coming in ready to play.

"Coming from the South, I talk to Trey (Sermon) a lot. We play xbox together. I moved to Cali and it wasn’t really a hard transition, it was at first. But going to Oklahoma I think I pretty much know what to expect."

And yes, Brown's size has already been updated to 157-pounds but regardless of his weight the No. 10 junior college prospect in the country arrived to Norman with big goals, both personally and for his team.

"My goal is to break the receiving yards record, the touchdown record. I want to win a national title and win a Big 12 title every year I’m there and I want to get my degree (in criminal justice)."