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Big Stars on Defense

For several years now the state has felt dominated by offensive talent but on the defensive side of the ball, at times, things have felt under represented. It seems that may be turning over the next few years led by stars from the class of 2017, 2018, and 2019. Below we take a look into what type of star defenders the Sooner State will produce in the coming years.

Where we saw Draper: Collinsville practice - May 24

Thoughts: Though the day we were there Draper worked exclusively on offense he still showed off the athletic ability that saw him rake in offers this time last year. Draper is a big-bodied linebacker that always impressed with his ability as a receiver - he may not be Collinsville's first option in the passing game but as Bum Phillips used to say, 'it won't take long to call roll'.

Where we saw Evers: Metro Team Camp - June 1, 2, 3

Thoughts: Evers was a good player last year but was searching for consistency snap in and snap out. It seems he found it this year as one of the Metro Team Camp's more dominating players. Easily the favorite thing about Evers game is how much he enjoys competing against the numerous quality offensive linemen who were at the event. Evers went seeking the best match-ups and routinely did well in them.

Where we saw Redmond: Midwest City practice - May 25, Metro Team Camp - June 1, 2, 3

Thoughts: Fields was a player that many were starting to think of as a potential linebacker and though that's not something we're willing to write off it's simply because Fields can do it but doesn't have to. Noting that subtle difference and watching Fields play safety you see a player who can also play on the back half and looks natural making plays from that deep position. Fields, as ever, is a physical safety that wants to come up and light receivers who dare enter his area but is finding a way to make himself increasingly complete.

Where we saw Hill: Booker T. Washington practice - May 25

Thoughts: If any one player on this list really went screaming beyond expectations it was Hill, the younger brother of class of 2016 Oklahoma State running back signee Justice Hill, who looks like the state's next great safety. Hill is long, lean and, physically, somewhat reminiscent of a young Will Sunderland. However it's not just his measurables that stick out, Hill is incredibly fluid for a guy so young and uses his length to get into passing lanes and create disruptions in the passing game.

Where we saw Kelley: Union practice - May 24

Thoughts: Kelley is a guy who is really starting to grow into his frame and has the look of another standout in Union's highly gifted 2018 class. Kelley looks like a player that will push closer to 300-pounds by the time his high school career has come to an end. Kelley right now gets by on bull strength but as he comes along and gets more versed with his moves, he has the potential be a quality pass rusher inside.

Where we saw Owens: Southmoore practice - May 26, Metro Team Camp - June 1, 2, 3

Thoughts: Owens has always been talked about as a tweener and it's not the time to change that narrative but perhaps it's time to stop caring about it. Owens whether at wide receiver, playing as something of an overhang, or as a pure outside linebacker, is a guy that just makes a ton of plays in every setting. Owens may not have a natural position but he has a natural gift for being in the middle of things and now that he is really starting to fill out looks like a guy that many schools are going to find too talented to way away from.

Where we saw Redmond: Midwest City practice - May 25, Metro Team Camp - June 1, 2, 3

Thoughts: Just a scary, scary talent.

Redmond is a player that has been starring on the basketball court for the Bombers for several years but the football staff finally got him to the gridiron and before his time is done, he'll be glad he listened. The big edge rusher could work as a stand-up outside linebacker or as a pure 'hand in the dirt' defensive end. Either way he has plenty of natural explosion off the corner and as he develops some moves he could develop into a very complete and dangerous edge player.

Where we saw Thomas: Metro Team Camp - June 1, 2, 3

Thoughts: Thomas was a player that we first saw at the same event last year and thought of him as an undersized playmaker with real athleticism. He has, perhaps, grown a bit this year but the more you watch him the more you appreciate his skillset and just how much he'll win as games go on and on. Thomas is, obviously, a guy with some pass rush skills inside but he is tougher at the point of attack than one might expect and shows a real IQ for the game to help not always beat a double team but find good ways to negate their advantage.

Where we saw Draper: Tulsa Memorial practice - May 27

Thoughts: Another talented edge rusher in the state of Oklahoma Thomas has a frame that would surprise many for a prospect once long thought of as a basketball focused player. Thomas still has a lot of room to fill out and doesn't look like a player that will have any issue getting to that 270-pound range to play defensive end in Oklahoma's 3-man front.

Where we saw Vick: Midwest City practice - May 25, Metro Team Camp - June 1, 2, 3

Thoughts: Vick is a well-known track star that is continuing to figure out the game as a pure football player but each time you see him, he gets better. Vick's a cornerback in the college game and he has the recovery speed to handle that role but his feet and ability to flip his hips are something that the straight-line track star is still working on. Give it time and Vick could become another standout for Midwest City.

Where we saw Vick: Southmoore practice - May 26, Metro Team Camp - June 1, 2, 3

Thoughts: This time last year Williams was something of an after thought but has grown somewhat and looks more and more as one of the true standouts for the Sabercats. Williams has length and is very natural with his change of direction and ability to drive on the ball. Mix that with his increased length and ability to disrupt passing angles and you've got a player who could shine as a senior.