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Brooks Suffers ACL Tear

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Almost from the instant he committed rumors swirled around Rockdale, Texas three-star athlete Daniel Brooks. One school after another, TCU, Oklahoma State, and most particularly Texas, were going to swing Brooks' commitment away from Norman.
And time and time again the rumors proved to be false.
So there was some hope that the rumors that circulated earlier this week around Brooks would prove to be the same.
Unfortunately for Brooks, this time the rumors had the right of it. And even more unfortunately, the talk was of a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL).
"Yes, he tore it long jumping," his father, Tony Brooks, said of the injury suffered on March 2 at the Rockdale relays.
The good news, for everyone involved, is that Rockdale, Texas three-star athlete Daniel Brooks had already signed his letter of intent with Oklahoma prior to suffering the injury. As such he'll be heading to Norman on Mar. 13 to undergo surgery with the Oklahoma medical staff.
As such, the group will also be in charge of handling his rehab - along with the help of a few unlikely allies
"He'll actually be in Norman on Mar. 13 to do the surgery. The Sooner medical staff will do the surgery and the rehab," his father said. "They have also (for rehab) put us together with someone in our area.
"They have put us in connection with Texas A&M and Texas."
As these things so often go, it was a series of coincidences that saw the injury take place.
"Daniel wasn't supposed to be jumping but decided to compete in the long jump. On his first and only jump, he landed and the sand never gave. His knee locked, hyper-extended, and he fell over in pain grabbing his right knee," his father said.
If there ever is a silver lining in such as story it's the reality that Brooks, in his lone jump of the event, actually won the event on the jump in which he tore his ACL with a jump of 21-feet and 10-inches.
Now though, the Brooks family, with the speed the family is renowned for, is past the bad news, and just ready to get moving forward again.
"The shock is over and we're all in very good spirits! We know he'll recover, God & Coach (Bob) Stoops have big plans for Daniel and the entire Sooner nation! Boomer Sooner Baby!"