Caleb talks about replacing Broyles

The Oklahoma wide receiving corps was dealt another blow when Ryan Broyles went down with a broken shoulder against Miami. With Broyles on the sideline, Oklahoma will have to look to Brandon Caleb, Cameron Kenney and others to fill the void. Caleb met with members of the media this week to talk about stepping up for OU's quarterbacks.
Q: How have you handled this season through the first four games? It seems like there were so many expectations for this team and one way or another, through bad luck and some other things it seems like you guys are struggling to meet those expectations.
Brandon Caleb: I'm fine. We're fine. Obviously it's disappointing but we have to move on. We're still going to play the way we know how to play and we're going to run the plays the same way we've been running them. Guys are just going to have to step up and it can't be just one, it has to be everyone.

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Q: Did the receiving corps do enough Saturday night to help Landry out?
Caleb: As a group I thought we were pretty physical. I guess we could have made some more blocks, I mean you could have always played better.
Q: How is Ryan (Broyles) feeling emotionally, being the leader of this unit and now forced on the sidelines?
Caleb: He's good. He's real good.
Q: How is the team handling this season mentally?
Caleb: Well we have a lot of enthusiasm as far as coming out and getting prepared for this weekend. We're still taking it one game at a time. Miami is over and done with and we have to focus on Baylor this week.
Q: How much do you take it upon yourself to be the captain of this receiving corps now that Ryan (Broyles) is out for the next month?
Caleb: Well I don't think I take on a lot. I think we'll just continue to play the way we know how to play.
Q: Excluding you three that start on a game-to-game basis, we hear about the other guys and how well they are doing in practice and it seems like it just isn't translating into on-the field success. Why do you think that is and how close is a Dejuan Miller and a Jameel Owens to working their way onto the field?
Caleb: I honestly can't tell you. I don't really get into all of that stuff. But guys are going to step up. They're going to make the plays they know they can make, it's just a matter of time. But right now we're not focusing on the past, we're trying to look ahead and make sure we put all of our focus into the next game.
Q: It looked like the corps that was out there Saturday stepped up once Ryan got hurt. You had a couple of good catches and Cameron Kinney had a really good game.
Caleb: I thought we did alright. We needed to step up at the end of the game and make some plays in that final drive that didn't happen but in the end, we didn't make as many plays as they did and it showed on the scoreboard.
Q: Ryan's back up. Mossis Madu, really stepped up for the situation he was put in. How did you think he looked and is that something we can expect on a continual basis?
Caleb: Mossis always does great, he's a great player. Our coaches did a good job of putting him in places to where he could make plays so we're not worried about him coming in. He'll do a good job.