Could Russell Switch Cotton Bowl Sides

A few years ago in the 2011 class Quincy Russell was a highly sought after four-star defensive tackle out of San Antonio (Texas) Sam Houston. At the time Russell was ranked the Nation's No. 11 defensive tackle prospect in the country and ended up signing with the Texas Longhorns.
But he never suited up in the burnt orange after failing to qualify coming out of high school. Instead of Austin, the 6-foot-4 and 311-pound three-star prospect now resides in Athens, Texas and plays at Trinity Valley C.C.
Russell talked about how going through that whole experience has now changed how he sees things.
"It really changed me because everything is a business," Russell stated. "You can't always trust what people say because you still got to look out for the best interest for you in the end. And luckily I had the good season that I did my freshman year when I first got here that I have the chance to go some where after what happened."
During his freshman season Russell had a big year finishing with 64-tackles, 10-tackles for loss and three-sacks he says.
Russell currently claims offers from Oklahoma State, Baylor, Texas Tech, and TCU.
Another program Russell says offered recently is the Oklahoma Sooners. One of Russell's coaches told him about it before Oklahoma's defensive tackles coach, Jackie Shipp spoke with him to verify it.
"It really surprised me," Russell began about his Sooner offer. "Because I didn't know how many programs recruited JUCO. I knew a lot of schools did but I didn't know which ones for sure. I knew Oklahoma and a lot of schools in the Big 12 recruited JUCO. That really surprised me that I can still go to one of the top programs in the country and play."
Coach Shipp and Russell have been in contact quite a bit and have been building a relationship over time.
"I mean for one the style of football they play is powerhouse football," he said when asked what he likes about Oklahoma.
"Their d-line goes out there and gets it. They put a lot of d-lineman in the league. I have been talking to coach Shipp on a daily basis. I'm really getting to build that bond with him. He asks me questions and I ask him questions and we got answers that we both need. When you get that relationship with your position coach he is pretty much your head coach because you are always around that person when you get to the campus."
Russell, who is a December graduate and will have three years to play two, is planning to be in Norman at some point.
"I do plan on taking a visit but I just don't know when yet," he said.
The chance at winning a national championship is something Russell really wants when he plays at the FBS level.
"First I am looking at who has the best education for me because I am going into engineering. Second of all I have two years coming out so I need a coach that can teach me the most that I need to know in the two years that I have if I do get that chance to go to the league then I can be well equipped when I get there. Everybody goes to school to win a national championship and I'm not saying I'm going to go to a school that is going to win one but at the same time I would like to win a national championship," he explained.
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