Dejuan Miller looking to become consistent threat

There isn't another player in the wide receiver corps who Sooner fans point to as a potential break out star than Dejuan Miller. Miller is entering his junior season as one of the most physically gifted receivers in the program. But that talent hasn't translated to breakout success on the football field just yet. Miller talked about his development and how close he and Landry Jones are to putting it all together as a dangerous duo.
Q: Can you just tell us your impressions of fall camp so far and specifically your development after scrimmage number two?
Miller: Now that I'm a junior, I feel like I have to be more of a leader and really take an initiative and help out the young guys and the young freshman on the plays. I feel like, as a player, I've developed more confidence and a better understanding of where I'm at on the field and where I'm lining up, things like that.
Q: You have a really unique skill set, but talk about becoming more consistent with that. What are some things you can do to get Landry (Jones) to understand what the best way to get you the ball is?
Miller: Well, that's what a lot of people say about my skill set, I'm big and I'm pretty fast. The thing is, me and Landry have to get on the same page. We have to work on certain routes and getting open on certain coverages. But that just takes time. The seasons right around the corner, so all we have to do is sharpen up a couple of things and we'll be ready to go.
Q: How much more are you guys on the same page, now, than you were a year ago?
Miller: I think we're definitely a lot more (in-sync) now because we've had time over the summer in 7-on-7's and pass skills. We're really sharpening up and getting our timing down on a lot of the routes. I feel like the timing is better than it was last year, just because we had to shuffle out a lot of receivers. That will disrupt a relationship between a quarterback and receiver. But now that me and Landry finally have a steady relationship, it's looking pretty good.
Q: Is there a lot of pressure on the receivers, knowing that Ryan (Broyles) is probably going to be open and that you might have to steal the spotlight from him sometimes to make noise yourself?
Miller: Not really. I just try to do what I can to help the team. We all know that Ryan is an All-American candidate and a Belitnikoff candidate. But I'm just going to play my role and do what I can to help the team.
Q: How has it been with all of these new freshmen coming in with a lot of hype, do they push you?
Miller: Yeah, it definitely does. When you have young talent coming in here from places like San Diego and different parts of the country, it does kind of raise your game up. With me being a junior, it helps me to have certain things push my game a lot more. It makes me focus a lot more. I feel like throughout this camp, with the young guys pushing me, it's giving me more confidence to play with pressure and little more edge.
Q: How did you feel the offense performed today in the scrimmage?
Miller: I felt like we did well. We could have made some more plays, we could have made some catches in some clutch situations, but I felt like we were pretty good.
Q: Do you feel like you've been able to carry the momentum you had at the end of last year into this fall's camp?
Miller: Yeah. I'm just trying to gain more confidence and focus a lot more on the field. I'm trying to focus on the little things that are going to help the team win.
Q: How much of that confidence have you noticed in yourself this year?
Miller: I think confidence comes along with experience. Once you get more experience, then I think your confidence grows.
Q: What do you want to get better at this season?
Miller: I just want to make clutch plays on third down. I want to keep the drive alive and get first downs and be a guy they rely on to make those plays.