Falah Likes Kittles Approach

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When Bruce Kittle was hired the question that most tabled was how would high school players react to a position coach that hadn't coached in years? It didn't take long to recognize that recruits would quickly take to the Sooner assistant while he landed players like Taylor McNamara, Will Latu, Sam Grant, and two other prospects in his first recruiting effort.

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Perhaps most impressively for Kittle was the near-miss on five-star offensive tackle Zach Banner who early on was thought to be a longshot for the Sooners but over the months of Kittle's recruitment Oklahoma almost closed on the elite blocker.
In 2013 he has returned to the West coast with several offers, most recently Bellflower (Calif.) St. John Bosco four-star Nico Falah . And it seems that, like Banner, Kittle has struck a chord with the 6-foot-5, 270-pound Falah.
"I just kept in contact with coach Kittle, about a month ago, they offered me and told me that they would come up and finally they were able to," Falah said.
"Coach Kittle, I've been talking to him for a while, he is very personable. Actually he gave me his whole biography, what he does well, what he doesn't.
"He said that he can make me a better player and a better person, he really just said all the things that you want to hear. I like talking with him."
When Kittle made his way to St. John Bosco in late April Falah was told there wasn't a lot the Sooner staff was unsure about.
"He came and checked me out, I think he wanted to see if I was my actual measurements," he said.
In Oklahoma's recent trips to the West coast they've taken a few tough losses but at the same time have recruited several quality Pac-12 players in recent years. So the obvious question becomes, is Falah open to leaving the West coast?
"I haven't looked much into Oklahoma, but since they offered I'm starting to. They definitely have my interest," he explained. "Honestly, I'm in the air, I don't mind going out of the PAC-12, I'm sure it would be a struggle but I get over things quickly."
Falah, who also has offers from the likes of USC, Florida, Nebraska, Cal, Notre Dame, and Oregon among many others, is open to the recruiting process. The nation's No. 27 offensive tackle didn't get a lot of early attention but is taking his time in developing a list of leaders.
"Back in our season I wasn't getting that much attention. I couldn't wait to get my highlight tapes and now it's paying off," he explained. "Honestly, I don't know where I'll end up. The only thing I'm looking for, I want to be able to compete for a spot and hopefully start by the time I'm a sophomore. I know it won't be given to me, I just want to have the opportunity."
Falah has hopes of narrowing things down but says he has many trips to take before hand. One such visit could be to Oklahoma. Interestingly Falah says that the growing contingent of California products on the Sooners roster won't play a role in his decision - in fact he'll go out of his way to avoid the comparison.
"I'm going to take a visit, I want see the atmosphere and see if I fit in well. I want to base it on my opinion and not someone else's," Falah admitted.
"I'm definitely, hopefully, going to visit there, if we find a cheap flight we'll come out this summer, but if not I'll wait to take an official."