For Curtis, Today was Just Right

After spending a week around some of the nation's top high school football talent and watching many of them prepare to commit on national television it would have been understandable if long-time Oklahoma lean Natrell Curtis got caught up and made a decision in San Antonio at the Army All-American Bowl.
The 6-foot-3, 325-pound three-star offensive guard won't deny that the idea initially tempted him but he decided a few things were just more important. However, the end result - a commitment to Oklahoma - was the same.
"The first day I got there, I was thinking I'll do it with my family there. But then the more I thought about it, I thought I don't want to do it, I wanted that time alone to think. And that's what I did and I think Oklahoma is the right place for me," Curtis said.
"I knew that I was going to commit to the University of Oklahoma. I just wanted to get back home and get some time away from everybody and really pray and think about it and I got that time to myself and I was ready to make the choice.
"I feel like I'm making the right decision."
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Video by Eddie Radosevich
The Phoenix Mountain Pointe product spent the entire week in San Antonio hanging around Oklahoma commitment Mark Andrews and, then, soon-to-be commitment Joe Mixon and it was an interesting situation spending the entirety of the week as a non-commit but doing little to hide his future destination.
"It was kind of funny, and everybody was asking if I was going to Oklahoma, and when you were interviewing me I let it slip a few times and didn't mean to," Curtis laughed.
One bit of news that he wouldn't let slip out was his buddy Mixon and his decision. A decision that Curtis says he found out about early in the week.
"With the whole Joe thing, you remember I told you in our first interview (on Monday) 'we've got a few more'. I knew that Joe was going to commit, he told me he was going to commit and we were hanging out all week, talking about playing together and I knew that Joe was going to commit," he said.
The two even tipped their hand on what was going on with their celebrations while watching the Sooners 45-31 win over Alabama.
"We were going crazy, once they scored that final touchdown, literally I ran out of my room every recruit was in the hallway. It's funny because Joe literally speared me down to the floor, it was great," he laughed.
So while Curtis knew in his head where he might be ending up the two people dying to hear it from him were Sooners offensive line coach Bill Bedenbaugh and his long-time area recruiter Tim Kish. Curtis made his initial call to his future position coach and then to Kish, the two had very different messages.
"I talked to coach Bedenbaugh and coach Kish and I told (Bedenbaugh), and he was like 'go public with it' and I told him I wanted to call him first (laughing) and we talked and stuff," he explained. "Coach Kish, he was just fired up, he was so fired up and lost for words, he was so excited and it was a great feeling."
Now that Curtis has finally ended the suspense and made his commitment to Oklahoma he says it's about time to continue a feeling he had during his senior year at Mountain Pointe.
"Right now, like I told coach Bedenbaugh, I won a state championship this year, it felt great to go out on top, now my next step is to win a national championship and I have to make sure I'm prepared. I'm focused on winning a national championship," he said.
And though it's the perfect message for Oklahoma fans, it's not the only one.
"I would just say, tell that I'm proud to be a Sooner. I'm going in their with arms open."