Frank Shannons attorney blasts OU for benching her client

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Oklahoma linebacker Frank Shannon's attorney Aletia Timmons convened a press conference on Friday afternoon to humanize her client and make known his intention to dress out for Saturday's game against Louisiana Tech.
"The University of Oklahoma failed him," Timmons said. "It's making him a scapegoat when they have evidence -- credible evidence -- that these allegations against him have no basis in fact."
video by Eddie Radosevich
Shannon was suspended by the university for one year following the university's investigation into a Title IX misconduct report that implicated him. The police were called following the incident, but the Cleveland County District Attorney's office declined to file charges.
Timmons said no charges were filed because there was insufficient evidence in the case and because the alleged victim declined to prosecute.
To further convey her client has been wronged, Timmons said she made Shannon take a polygraph test performed by a former highway patrol officer -- who had been trained at Marine Corps Base Quantico -- with regard to the allegations in the Title IX report.
"This particular incident, I believe, arose because Franklin Shannon refused to have intercourse with a female student," Timmons said. "It upset her, and the rest is history."
Shannon wasn't listed on OU's depth chart or its position-by-position notes earlier this week, though he was the Sooners' leading tackler a year ago. According to Timmons, Shannon was slated to be at the top of the depth chart at his position and to play on Saturday.
"We have reason to believe that the university asked that he be removed from the depth chart and he not be allowed to play," Timmons said.
Later Shannon was told he would have to stand on the sidelines and watch his teammates practice.
Timmons stressed that OU could play Shannon at any time if OU coach Bob Stoops and his staff want to do so. Shannon intends to attend OU's season opener as a Sooner and be on the sideline.
"My client's position is one of strength for a 21-year-old," Timmons said. "What he said was, 'I will not quit. I will continue to fight to vindicate my name, and I will stand on the sidelines in silent protest about how I'm being treated with regard to this incident."
Timmons was asked whether or not she believes the Sooners want Shannon on their sideline this season.
"Depends on how his backups do," she said.