Free Report: LB is turning OUs heads

In times long since past, the term “Freak” had been reserved for carnival folk, and lesser forms of life, simply put the connotation had never been a positive one. Ever since the emergence of Jevon Kearse and his ever popular nickname, people have been looking for the next unbelievable defensive talent. When you’re 6-foot-2 225 pounds and have fired out legitimate sub 4.5 second 40-yard dashes, you immediately have your name thrown into the hat. The attention generated from the possible title is something Miami (Fla.) Carol City linebacker Willie Williams embraces.
“I’ve been to the Florida, Miami, and Rutgers camps so far, and everyone is always staring,” Williams said. “The receivers will see me covering them one-on-one and staying right there. They’ll come up and ask what my name is, I tell them ‘I’m Willie’. Their response is always ‘ooooh you’re Willie’. It’s a great feeling to have that name recognition, and have instant respect.”
Williams’ comments may come off as arrogant, or boastful, but when you look at the Rivals100, and see the No. 9 next to his name you realize he not only talks the talk, but he walks the walk.
“I know some people think I’ve got this big ego, and that’s not me, I’m just confident in my abilities, but I’ve worked hard for them so I think I should be,” he said. “I’ve been in the gym all summer staying out of trouble, and doing stuff that will help my team this fall.”
There are some other teams that Williams is currently thinking about, actually there are about five.
“Miami, Florida, Florida State, Oklahoma, and Ohio State, are the main ones I’m into right now,” he said. “When you come from Florida you have to give the big three a look.
“With Oklahoma and Ohio State, I like that they haven’t given up on me, being all the way down here in Miami. Most schools just thought it was a done deal, they haven’t given up, and that shows me that they really want me to play for them.”
Williams said it’s not just Oklahoma’s dedication that makes them one of his favorites, it’s their passion.
“They care about winning football, and that’s great, but they seem like they care about me as just Willie Williams,” he said. “A lot of schools want you to come play for them, but not many spend the time to talk to my family, and talk to me about things outside of football.”
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