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Harmon Ready for Norman

HENRICO, Va. – From the moment he arrived at the stadium it was clear that Highland Springs, Va. Rivals250 safety Damond Harmon was as ready as any player on a roster full of revenge-minded Springers.

For the big-time defender it was because his team’s last loss was to the same Varina team back in 2019.

“(In 2019) we had a 40-game win streak going and they beat us in the second round of the playoffs, had people crying. This game tonight was kind of win and you’re in, if you lose you might be out of the playoffs,” Harmon explained.

And a big part of that enthusiasm came out in leading his team when things weren’t going well in the fourth quarter when the Springers were a bit on the ropes. For the skilled defender, who played corner all night, he sees it as a team’s role to pick each other up.

“Everyone is always together at Highland Springs. We feel like on defense we’re the heart of the team but when they mess up we’re there for them. If we mess up they are there for us,” he said.

“One play I kind of fell asleep a little bit and played into the guy’s hands. That just goes to show you, you can’t go to sleep. You’ve got to stay woke out there because they were setting me up for the play action game.”

Though Highland Springs now heads into the playoffs Harmon can’t help but look a bit to his future in Norman and knows his first team at Oklahoma has lofty expectations and though many of his 2021 classmates are in Norman they conversations are already happening between those who are there and those who are still at home.

“It’s amazing to have an opportunity like that, I’ll be there in a couple of months and then get there and start grinding, like I’ve been doing. We’ll just see what happens from there,” he said. “We talk everyday, they say it’s great things out there, they are getting great work. We knew coming in they said the food is great, the team is great, all of it’s great, (Kelvin Gilliam and I are) looking forward to it.”

And though it’d be easy to assume that his future roommate would be sharing the same field with him in high school. According to Harmon he’s open to a lot of possibilities.

“I don’t know who my roommate is, I wouldn’t mind rooming with Kelvin, he’s good. We’ve got Jalil or Danny Stutsman,” he said. “(With Jalil) we’re on the same team, at practice we’re going to get into it but we’ve got each other.”