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Hot 11: Bedlam

Oklahoma's 62-52 win over Oklahoma State was one for the Bedlam record books and will be talked about for years to come thanks to two quarterbacks and two offenses operating at nearly 100-percent efficiency. That being said, there were still a few noteworthy performances on defense and even one on special teams. Just who were the Hot 11 from Bedlam? Find out below.

11. Steven Parker

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Stats: Six solo tackles and one pass break-up.

Analysis: At first glance it might seem crazy that a player in Oklahoma's secondary made this list but go back and look. Parker made some plays in both phases of the game including the break-up of a would-be huge touchdown pass (pictured above) for Oklahoma State.

Last Week: N/A

10. Bobby Evans

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Stats: N/A.

Analysis: Much like the rest of his offensive line, this wasn't the pinnacle performance of Evans' career. That being said, he was steady and was a big part of Oklahoma's success on the ground and with one notable exception was very steady in pass protection.

Last Week: No. 4

9. Trey Sermon


Stats: 10 carries for 81-yards including a 53-yard touchdown run and two receptions for 25-yards.

Analysis: Without the final minute of the game, Sermon doesn't make this list but when you 'ice' a game in the fashion that Sermon did, it's kind of impossible to keep him off of that. However, his catch on Oklahoma's crazy trick play and dangerous throw from his quarterback, was probably his most impressive feat.

Last Week: N/A

8. Austin Seibert

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Stats: Two punts for an average of 47.5-yards per kick with one inside the 20, 10 touchbacks on 11 kickoffs, and two field goals (20, 36).

Analysis: In a sentence few may have expected coming into the season, since Iowa State, Austin Seibert has been one of Oklahoma's best players. Whether it's punting or touchbacks, he has been one of the nation's best and as a field goal kicker he has become steady and reliable.

Last Week: N/A

7. Tre Norwood

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Stats: Seven solo tackles, two pass break-ups.

Analysis: Without question the player on this list who was part of the game for the shortest amount of time was Norwood. But go back and watch how much different things started to look for Oklahoma on his side of the field after he hit the field. Suddenly the passing windows were much closer and even saw a few attempts broken up. In the fourth quarter it seemed Oklahoma State was facing more third and fourth and long and Norwood was definitely a part of that.

Last Week: N/A

6. Mark Andrews


Stats: Three receptions for 102-yards.

Analysis: Andrews may not have had his biggest day but it's also worth noting he may have had almost 200-yards and four receptions if not fa slight miss by his quarterback on Oklahoma's opening drive. Andrews was steady and continues to produce as a blocker on the edge.

Last Week: No. 8

5. Dimitri Flowers

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Stats: One 49-yard touchdown reception.

Analysis: Flowers got the Sooners going with his big touchdown catch in the first quarter and as ever did a bit of everything for the Sooners. There are few who appreciate just how big his loss will be in 2018.

Last Week: N/A

4. D.J. Ward


Stats: Four solo tackles, one sack (nine yards).

Analysis: Ward has put together back-to-back huge efforts for the Sooners. It has taken him some time to truly find his feet for the Sooners but after being a very 'steady' player early in the season he is starting to make the big plays this defense lacks.

Last Week: No. 7

3. Rodney Anderson

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Stats: 21 carries for 111-yards and a 14-yard touchdown run along with two receptions for 48-yards including a 43-yard touchdown.

Analysis: After a few weeks of huge performances Anderson may have had a quite day, relatively speaking, but still accounted for two scores and over 150-yards of total offense. Anderson has been Oklahoma's steadying force on the ground since the second half against Texas.

Last Week: No. 2

2. Baker Mayfield


Stats: 24-36 for 598-yards and five touchdowns (49, 5, 84, 43, 77) and a 7-yard touchdown run.

Analysis: Mayfield's numbers are something out of a video game and time and time again when Oklahoma State held serve the Sooners answered back to try and knock them out. A few bad mistakes nearly cost Oklahoma but by and large Mayfield was outstanding.

Last Week: No. 5

1. Marquise Brown

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Stats: Nine receptions for 265-yards and two touchdowns (84, 77).

Analysis: The guy just had the greatest receiving game in Oklahoma history and it's kind of impossible to not put him in the school's top spot. While his two lengthy touchdowns will get all the attention some of his third down conversions and more intermediate plays are arguably the most befitting of his rapidly growing role in the offense.

Last Week: No. 11