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Hot 11: Space City Sooners

Oklahoma's presence in Houston hasn't always gotten the notoriety that their work in California has but over the last decade there has been a similar level of growth. Oklahoma currently has three expected starters from the greater Houston area, including Alabama transfer Jalen Hurts and budding All-American receiver Ceedee Lamb. Last weekend at the Houston Adidas camp several of Oklahoma's top targets in Space City showed up and shined - who were the best of the best?

11. Josh Eaton

Breakdown: Eaton is a guy that flashes huge potential on tape but during camp itself was more steady and simply did the work that needed doing. Still though his frame and long speed make for an intriguing prospect.

Oklahoma's Chances: Texas is going to be very tough to top here.

10. Jace Wilson

Breakdown: Wilson wasn't a guy we'd have thought to watch if not for his trip to Norman the day before for junior day. However, Wilson is a guy that simply has to be taken seriously. He throws a great ball with zip and on tape flashes high quality athleticism - that isn't given much chance to shine through in a camp setting.

Oklahoma's Chances: Wilson seems to have liked his trip to Norman and could be a guy to keep an eye on in 2021.

9. Clinton Anokwuru

Breakdown: A guy that we came in knowing nothing about, in fact he was listed on the roster as a tight end so, for a time, we thought it might be the wrong guy flashing at defensive end. Anokwuru is a bit lean but he has nice length and did a good job using quickness to set blockers up and create space to work in.

Oklahoma's Chances: Right now there is no real relationship but Anokwuru is a guy who could pick up some attention going forward.

8. Vernon Broughton

Breakdown: Broughton has such an impressive frame it's hard not to marvel at what he could become if/when it all comes together. He can be a bit upright at times but he also has some length and twitch and used it to beat multiple opponents in pass rush drills.

Oklahoma's Chances: Broughton himself says Texas leads but if Oklahoma can get him up to campus this spring perhaps they can stem the tide.

7. Bryson Washington

Breakdown: Washington showed up a bit late and wasn't in the jersey number on most of the rosters, as such some thought he was an outside linebacker and an impressive looking one at that. However, that size doesn't keep him from playing in space and perhaps most impressively was how quickly he'd get coaching and on the next rep be ready to implement what he was told.

Oklahoma's Chances: Washington has at various points in time said Oklahoma was a 'dream school' or on top for him but there is some strong indication that some of those around him would rather see him at Texas.

6. Tunmise Adeleye

Breakdown: Adeleye was a guy we had a chance to see in the regular season and he flashed elite potential at that point. Since then he has picked up one offer after another and has become one of Houston's most sought after recruits. On the day he showed both how raw he is and how much potential there is in his game, give him some time to improve his handwork, strength, etc. and he'll be a handful for anyone.

Oklahoma's Chances: Oklahoma may be the leader for Adeleye's father but there is still work to do for the son, regardless the Sooners will see him back on campus before too long and seem as strong a possibility as anyone at this early point.

5. Princely Umanmielen

Breakdown: Every time we see Umanmielen, starting last summer at Oklahoma's satellite camp in Houston, where he was little known at the time, and continuing toward seeing him last season against Hutto the big defensive end just keeps growing. He seems to get longer and, somehow, more developed all at the same time and his tools are really starting to come together. He showed good quickness and his arm length makes it tough for any offensive lineman to get enough of him to slow him down.

Oklahoma's Chances: At one point Umanmielen seemed to be leaning heavily to Oklahoma but Texas has closed the gap and probably leads at this point. That being said, this feels like a Red River battle with LSU being a very real threat as well.

4. Hayden Conner

Breakdown: Conner is a player who emerged before he'd even stepped foot on Taylor's high school campus and has continued to improve every year since. The big offensive tackle is really starting to fill out and it showed against competitors who wanted to challenge him physically on Sunday.

Oklahoma's Chances: Conner hasn't had much to say about Oklahoma as of late.

3. Troy Omeire

Breakdown: Omeire was the class of the receiver group by some distance. He is every bit his listed size and uses that size to shield defenders while also flashing good feet and the speed to explode up field when a crack is there.

Oklahoma's Chances: Omeire was forced to cancel his Oklahoma visit at the last second on Saturday but seems to intend to return. If he does, maybe Oklahoma can become a real contender but for now they seem, at best, secondary.

2. Donovan Jackson

Breakdown: Maybe the most athletic offensive lineman on hand was Jackson who, like several others on this list, is still just going into his junior season. Jackson moved his feet well, kept a great base, and just never looked challenged for speed.

Oklahoma's Chances: Jackson has, on several occasions, mentioned his family having a fondness for Oklahoma but the Sooners seem to be in the background a bit at the moment. Still though it's early and much can, and will, change.

1. Bryce Foster

Breakdown: Foster was, for me, without question the dude on Sunday. He came in looking great, dominated drills, and then proceeded to just devour all comers during one-on-ones. He is a powerfully built guy who gets a great initial punch and once he gets his hands on you has no other thought but to absolutely bury you. He has the look of a future top 100 talent, in spite of being just an interior guy.

Oklahoma's Chances: Foster loved his trip to Oklahoma's first junior day and will return again in the near future - the Sooners are very real contenders here.