Huhn a Big Story from Junior Day

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There were plenty of surprises for Oklahoma's junior day on Feb. 4 but perhaps none was bigger than the news of a potential offer for Cibolo (Texas) Steele safety Erik Huhn. That's not to say that the 6-foot-2, 190-pound prospect doesn't have plenty of buzz around him with previous interest from Baylor, TCU, and Texas A&M among many others.
However, even just a week or two ago Huhn would have told you his presence at the junior day would have been a surprise to him.
"I really haven't been in touch with Oklahoma much, actually they just called (Cibolo head coach) (Mike) Jinks and let me know that way," Huhn explained.
"We went through the whole junior day and as everyone was leaving coach Bobby Jack Wright and he said they'd like to offer me."
As interesting as his presence is just what position Huhn will be playing in college. Though he clearly has the body type of a safety currently many see him growing in an ultra-athletic linebacker. Right now Huhn knows where he is most comfortable but isn't going to say he 'has' to be at any position or another.
"I love safety that's what I've played all my life, but my coach tells me I'd do well as a linebacker and that's something I'm fine with," he said.
With that positional question it would seem that Huhn was caught between the Sooners two new assistants, linebackers coach Tim Kish and defensive coordinator/defensive backs coach Mike Stoops.
Both Sooner assistants spent some time around the talented Alamo City defender.
"I talked to both of them, I got up there and was introduced to both coach Kish and coach Stoops," he said. "Coach Stoops seemed like a good guy, very straight forward, my dad liked him, he seemed like a good guy."
Huhn was joined in Norman by both his dad and his mother and as any college recruiter can tell you often the key element in getting a player to leave his home state or region is the blessing of mom. According to Huhn that shouldn't be a problem for the Sooners.
"She liked it, she thought it seemed very safe, she liked the community, it's not too big, not too small," he said. "You know I'm looking for a good city, I want to know will I enjoy my college life. I want to go where we are good and has a good conference.
"I don't want to go too far, but somewhere like Oklahoma isn't too far."
The only other junior day visit that Huhn is currently sure of is TCU, though he is unsure of what date he'll be in Fort Worth.
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