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Knighton: Speed to Burn

For years and years 'SEC speed' has been something of a punchline around the Big 12. However when watching Oklahoma's latest running back commitment, Jaylan Knighton, it's hard not to say, 'ok, that's what we're talking about'.

Knighton, a Deerfield Beach, Fla. product, shows explosive ability to turn every run into a touchdown for the Bucks. Not surprisingly at 5-foot-10 and 178-pounds Knighton's game is all about being in space and trying to beat defenders with speed and agility.

Equally unsurprising? He usually does just that.

Though he is a capable dancer, unlike a lot of quick-footed, speedy backs he doesn't spend a lot of time dancing and does a nice job getting North and South as quickly as possible.

Though he clearly wants to get to the perimeter and does try to work outside the tackle as often as possible he isn't a soft runner that goes down at easy contact, Knighton will fight through tackles and is strong enough to fight through those arm tackles and has good balance for a player coming away from those tackles.

Knighton is a back who shines in space but in the end he is a player whose game is well suited to his flight-footed physical skills.