Arch Manning, Nick Evers, and Jayden Gibson are among those that the hiring of Jeff Lebby could help the Sooners with.
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Lebby Bringing Big Fish?

The Oklahoma Sooners broke the news that most everyone expected this week with the hiring of new offensive coordinator Jeff Lebby. The talented play-caller, who graduated from Oklahoma in 2007, arrives from Ole Miss as a well known recruiter. And as such we offer a look at some names that could be connected to Lebby's arrival, some in round about ways.

Analysis: There was some question about whether or not Oklahoma would look for a quarterback in the class of 2022 under the leadership of Brent Venables. It seems that has come together and with Jeff Lebby now, officially, at the helm the Sooners have wasted no time for Evers. Keep an eye on this as the Sooners could be very active with the North Dallas product.t

Analysis: This is an interesting connective issue as Gibson has a real affinity for Evers and could be an interesting guy that the Sooners could make a big move for. He's a big receiver who has the talent to work vertically and don't be surprised at all if Oklahoma can make a big move, again, if they get truly tied in with Evers quickly.

Analysis: This is the one many will point to and while there does seem to be some affinity between Lebby and the nation's No. 1 player in the class of 2023 it's probably something Sooners fans should be cautious about. Manning, obviously, has incredible connections to Ole Miss and Lebby seems to have made some real in-roads but does that mean Oklahoma can really make a run? We're not jumping into that idea with both feet but it's at least interesting to consider and see if Manning might make a trip to Norman.

Analysis: Smith is not unlike Gibson that there is some connection to an offer going out to Evers as Smith is, also, a recent decommitment from Florida - like Evers and Gibson. So far there's been no obvious movement toward Smith but as one person said 'if OU needs some speed he'd be an interesting option'.